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The 2022 Buckley Log Show Kicks Off the Summer Season With its 48th Edition

Kicking off summer, the 48th Annual Buckley Log Show is set to take place on June 25-26 and the 18th. This highly-anticipated event welcomes hundreds of locals every year to participate in and watch a range of logging-related competitions.

Buckley Log Show 2022

There are 19 different events a part of the Buckley Log Show, ranging from block chopping and ax-throwing to tree climbing and log rolling. At the end, an “All-Around Logger” is selected as the winner, receiving bragging rights until next year’s event.

What makes this competition so fun and community-driven is its strict amateur and locals-only policy when it comes to participants. Anyone can come watch, but contestants must be from the area or work for someone who is and also must not be a professional. This levels the playing field and makes it a tight competition until the very end.

Images via City of Buckley

The kid’s show will first take place on the 18th, which is a smaller version of the main event. A week later, the two-day logging competition begins with a parade down Main Street at 10 am on Saturday, the 25th. Then, the competition begins at noon at the Log Show Grounds and continues the following day, opening at 11 am on Sunday.

The family-friendly event features a beer garden for those 21 and older as well as a large family area.

Buckley Log Show Registration

If you’re looking to participate, head to Wally’s Drive-In to pick up a registration form. Completed forms and a $10 entry fee are due by Thursday, June 23rd at 6 pm at Wally’s.

Every contestant should also check out the list of rules and regulations. Depending on the type of event, you may need to wear a certain type of shoes or bring your own supplies. The list details each event, explaining how it works, what supplies are needed, and any other rules.

If you’re looking to add cannabis to your Log Show weekend, head to Mr. Bills of Buckley dispensary a mile down the road. We carry many products that may help with post-logging recovery or just to add to your day of watching others compete.

Buckley Log Show

375 N River Ave, Buckley, WA, 98321

Website | Facebook | Registration

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