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Huge 420 Deals in Washington: Major Savings on a Variety of Weed Products

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

It’s almost 420! We will have 30% off Storewide and Doorbusters at 8am on 4/20. If you are a seasoned cannabis consumer, you’d know that the weed holiday comes with deals on deals; and we’re no exception here at Mr. Bills. We are offering a variety of weed deals this 420. This includes doorbuster deals as well as time frames in which certain brands. To learn about all the green you can save on green this year, continue reading. Come get your face drawn stoned, Our Cartoonist will be present from 12pm-3pm!

420 Deals at Mr. Bills of Buckley


For the folks that are up bright and early who want to stock up on the day of 420, you can save big on many quantities and varieties of cannabis. When you come down to Mr. Bills of Buckley is going to be 30% off storewide. When you shop on April 20th with Mr. Bills, you can receive $100 ounces of flower, $5/1g blunts, and $2 off full flower pre-rolls. (While supply lasts and selected brands) We have select of Dutch Brothers Blue flower, Cannavore blunts, Trail Blazin' pre-rolls, among many other fire brands at our Buckley dispensary.

Additionally, you can get $10/1g cartridges select brands, 8ths of indoor flower, and 100mg edibles on selected brands. If you are looking for carts, try the Blackberry 1g Distillate Cartridge by Two Heads Company or the Blueberry 1g Distillate Cartridge by Herb's Oil. For edibles, we carry several different types of chocolates, gummies, chews, hard candy, and lozenges to try this 420 as well.

30% off Storewide

Firstly, from 8 am to 11 am you can get Orgrow products at 30% off. Starting at the same time until 12 pm, you can pick up a Coffee at the Stand. Subsequently, from 11 am to 1 pm, Oleum products will also be discounted.

The last two discounts of the day are for Forbidden Farms and NWCS, with the first deal going from 1 pm to 4 pm and the later going from 4 pm to 7 pm.

We hope to see you this 420 at Mr. Bills of Buckley!

Shop Washington Cannabis at Mr. Bills of Buckley

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