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5 Concentrates Under $15 at Mr. Bills

Mr. Bills of Buckley is your provider of potent, tasty, and affordable concentrates. We take our commitment to cannabis seriously. That means stocking our shelves with products that meet our standards. We want everyone to experience quality cannabis products regardless of their budget. If you're looking for affordability and potency, we've curated this handy guide of the top concentrates for under $15 on our menu.

Alaskan Purple Kush from Delectable Dabs

Delectable dabs are a new feature from Forbidden Farms. The delicious flavors and unique strains give consumers a new cannabis experience. Delectable Dabs' new cannabis experience. Delectable Dabs are made from Forbidden Farms premium plant material. Alaskan Purple Kush has a sugary consistency and distinct aroma. Alaskan Purple Kush will potentially leave you feeling relaxed and content from its rich terpene profile. At only $8 before tax for 1g Forbidden Farms comes in under budget and full of flavor.

Duct Tape Wax from Forbidden Farms

Duct Tape is another sought-after strain from Forbidden Farms. It comes to our shelves as a cross of Original Glue and Do-Si-Do. Duct tape offers a potentially cerebral high with a buzzing body effect. It has an intense aroma of diesel that complements the chocolate taste. Duct Tape from Forbidden Farms is potentially just suitable for a relaxing night in or evening on the town. It's sure to leave your pockets happy at just $8 before tax for a 1g container.

Ice Cream Sandwich from Pagoda Premium Indoor

Pagoda Premium Indoor is a favorite among Mr. Bills regulars. Praised for its high THC content and delicious terpene profile, it's a sweet treat that packs a punch. Ice Cream Sandwich is said to potentially leave you feeling tingly and focused, good for getting your morning started. The earthy, warm scent and vanilla taste are a perfect pair. Pagoda Premium Indoor brings these delectable dabs to our shelves at just $10 before tax for 1g. You'll find affordability and potent flavor with this Ice Cream Sandwich.

Purple Punch from Big Rig

If you're looking for a potent product at the right price, the Purple Punch from Big Rig is right up your alley. Big Rig brings us a big flavor with this terpene-rich concentrate. Purple Punch originally came from Granddaddy Purp and Larry OG lineage and has developed into a beloved genetic. It has a strong aroma of purple, both grapes, and soda. Purple Punch is the perfect fit that's sticky-sweet at $10 before tax for 1g. This powerhouse potentially leaves you ready to slip into bed and relax.

Dutch Treat from Buddha Delight

Dutch Treat is a favorite among coffeehouses and dispensaries alike. It's a fruity cross between Northern Lights and Haze, resulting in a citrusy sweet funk. Buddha Delight brings us this earthy treat in a 1g jar at just $12 before tax. Dutch Treat bursts with berry flavor and a tangy aroma that is potentially energizing and euphoric. This cerebral strain hits all the marks with affordability and unique taste.

You can find more quality craft cannabis to fit your budget on our menu or follow along on our calendar to stay up to date on special deals.

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