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5 Edibles to Try This Summer

Edibles are one of the easiest ways to consume cannabis on the go and are a crucial addition to summer. Depending on the ingredients, this may also be the healthiest way for you to consume cannabis. While they may not be the best option for all occasions and all types of consumers, there’s plenty of great activities to pair a nice edible with. Edibles might ultimately bring relaxation, but there’s also plenty of edibles that might be uplifting and energizing.

At Mr. Bills of Buckley, we offer a variety of edibles covering a range of effects, dosages, and flavors. From treats that might knock you out to sweets to start your day, and everything in between—we have you covered. Check out our live online menu to view some of our edible selections as well as our current specials.

C4 Canna Burst Lemon Blast

Many people believe that edibles can only lead to sleepiness and the munchies. But this misconception is far from the truth. While certain strains may cause these effects, there’s plenty of options out there that might provide an uplifting and energizing experience. We carry edibles with Sativa blends that might provide a boost like C4 Canna Burst's Lemon Blast.

C4 Canna Burst's Lemon Blast gummies offer a delicious lemon tang that boasts a similar texture to Starbursts. Along with being potentially energizing, these gummies might also spark a creative boost and wave of inspiration and focus, making them perfect for daytime. They come in a pack of 10 gummies at 10 mg of THC each. We offer this product for $24 before tax.

Marmas Georgia Peach Fruit Jelly

Marmas Georgia Peach Fruit Jelly Edibles (Hybrid) are bursting flavor and have a perfectly tender texture that makes for an experience beyond just cannabis consumption. Mixed with high-quality cannabis distillate and carefully crafted dosages, Marmas has been a Washington favorite for some time. This product might offer a calming high that makes for a chill day.

To top it off, all of Marmas products are vegan and gluten-free and do not contain gelatin like many other gummies. These come in a pack of 10 gummies at 10 mg of THC each. Marmas gummies can be purchased for $25 before tax and are also available in other flavors including Passion Fruit and Strawberry.

Happy Apple

Edibles are created in more forms than you’d probably think. Aside from the typical gummies, brownies, and cookies, you can enjoy this form of consumption as a beverage as well. For a refreshing natural taste, we highly recommend trying Happy Apple's infused beverages. These drinks are crafted from apples grown right here in our home state of Washington. The fresh PNW apples mixed with SōRSE Emulsified Cannabis and no artificial flavors create an unbeatable thirst-quenching experience. As hybrids, these drinks might offer a balance of energy and relaxation.

Dosed at 100mg, you don't need to drink it all at once. We offer this brand in the traditional apple flavor at $27, as well as the Atomic Apple Sparkling Beverage at $22.50, both hybrids. These prices do not include tax.

Wildside Blackberry Lemonade

Looking for a beverage a little less traditional than apple juice? We recommend you try Wild Side Blackberry Lemonade. The sweetness of the blackberries perfectly complements the tart tang of the lemons, while the cannabis adds an extra hint of flavor. This product might provide a calming feeling mixed with enough energy for any time of the day.

Also dosed at 100mg, this product is meant for multiple sessions. The 17oz beverage is offered at $18. Wild Side Lemonade is also available in other flavors including Summer Peach and Mango Tropical Storm.

Green Revolution's Juicy Peach Doozies

Gummies are one of the most popular and easiest ways to consume edibles. With so many different brands, types, and flavors to choose from, it can be hard to decide what to try. For gummies packed with a real fruit flavor, try Green Revolution’s Juicy Peach Doozies. These juicy peach flavored gummies are all-natural and vegan, promoting a healthy alternative to some other gelatin gummies. This product is a sativa blend and might offer balanced effects between relaxing and energizing, comingling with feelings of happiness.

This product contains 100 mg of THC with ten gummies per package for $30 before tax. We also offer this in a 1:5 THC to CBD ratio for $40 before tax.

To view all edibles that we offer at Mr. Bills of Buckley, head over to our live online menu.

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