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710 Sale: 30% Off Select Oil Brands—Sunday Only!

710, or “Dab Day”, is a cannabis holiday known for celebrating concentrates and extracts. As legalization spreads, dabbing is becoming a preferred form of consumption for high tolerance users looking to get the most bang for their buck.

This Sunday, July 10th, Mr. Bills of Buckley is hosting our annual Dab Day Celebration. Stop in between 8 am-10 pm for 30% select brands!

Shop Our 710 Sale

Celebrate 710 by dabbing the concentrate of your choice on Sunday - 7/10 - ideally at 7:10! Stock up for a smoke sesh with friends during our 710 Sale with 30% off the following brands - while supplies last.

Tasty Terps

Tasty Terps offers some of the most flavorful dabs in Washington. These potent concentrates are packed with mouth-watering flavor. Each variation offers a potentially smooth experience without the harsh burn that flavored concentrates and cartridges are known for.

Herb's Oil

The legend of Herb’s Oil is Washington’s best-kept secret. These concentrates and cartridges are made by My Weed Bunny - a tier 1 producer and processor based in Yelm. Customers say concentrates from Herb’s Oil offer smooth hits with clean and pleasant flavor profiles. Popular strains include Electric Lemonade, Forbidden Fruit, and Ice Cream Cake.

Viking Cannabis

Cannabis aficionados say the Live Rosin concentrates from Viking Cannabis are worth the hype! With strains like Bruce Banner, Duct Tape, and OG Mints you’re sure to find a profile that meets your needs. Use our 710 Sale to indulge in some of the finest Live Rosin in Washington at a fraction of the normal price.

Grey Bear

Gray Bear Cannabis Company produces premium BHO wax in Washington State. Grey Bear dabs offer the perfect mix of potency and price. Their products use a solvent-based extract that contains micro crystals of THC that mix with terpenes and flavonoids to produce flavorful and potentially long-lasting effects.

Northwest Harvesting Co.

Experienced consumers turn to Northwest Harvesting Co for their tasty terp profiles and clean cannabis concentrates. Strains from this brand tend to be fairly potent with delicious flavor profiles and potentially long-lasting effects. This brand is located in Elma and is known for producing quality terps and diamonds in exciting strains like Suckles and NYD x G13.

Forbidden Farms

Forbidden Farms is a tier 3 producer/processor that was founded by the Balduff Brothers in 2014. This brand offers a variety of products from joints to oils and everything in between. We are celebrating 710 by featuring the Delectable Dabs from Forbidden Farms. This “Golden Nectar” is made from premium flower and offers customers a sugary consistency.

Shop Our 710 Sale While Supplies Last

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