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PAX: Taking Cannabis Vapes To A New Level

If you’re a lover of cannabis vaporizers, you have probably heard of the name PAX. For over a decade, this innovative brand has laid the foundation for innovative, high-tech cannabis devices. Today, PAX is recognized as one of the top cannabis brands nationally.

At Mr. Bills, we pride ourselves on carrying the best products out there. That’s why in today’s brand spotlight, we will tell you everything you need to know about what this top-level brand has to offer.

Complete Personalization

What is perhaps the most distinctive feature of PAX as a whole is its ability to customize any product to your preference. The PAX app offers a unique value to customers by giving them the ability to personalize their devices. Set your preferred dose, check pod ingredients, and even customize flavor and vape settings.

man vaping PAX
Image From PAX Website

The PAX Collection

Known as the devices that “made PAX an icon”, these flagship devices include both flower vaporizers and dual flower/concentrate vaporizers.

The devices are made with a sleek, simple design. A one button interface makes operation super easy, while the LED light gives off signals when its ready to go.

Era Collection

The Era Life and Era Pro are award-winning oil vaporizers and for good reason. The quality standards make vaporization the safest on the market, free of heavy metals, toxins, combustion byproducts, and other harmful ingredients.

PAX pods are made with food-grade materials tested to medical standards and certified free from contaminants.

PAX pods
Image From PAX website

PAX products offer a memorable experience for vaping that is both discrete and personal. With affordable price points, this brand is perfect for everyday smokers that need a quick dose throughout the day.

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