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Acapulco Gold: Mr. Bills of Buckley Golden Fire

At Mr. Bills of Buckley, we take pride in serving the fire. Our team of industry experts are always on the lookout for creative takes on the classic strains that our customers love. One strain in particular, the Acapulco Gold, is a strain who’s stellar reputation keeps our heads turning whenever we see it.

This infamous Sativa is to cannabis what 5 star dining is to dinner. Originating from areas in and around Acapulco, Mexico, the strain’s experience more than lives up to its reputation.


The famous Acapulco Gold strain is famous in its experience, but the information behind its genetics have been lost in history. The strain while incredibly popular, can be hard to find because of its difficulty growing indoors. Luckily, our team at Mr. Bills has made it a point to get our hands on this popular strain.

Acapulco Gold is a powerful sativa, clocking in at about 24% THC. In other words, this strain is a heavy-hitter.


While the name comes from the strain’s place of origin, you can also see where the Gold comes in at one glance at the bud. Acapulco Gold is a beautiful strain with sparkling trichomes and fiery orange hairs that give the bud a golden tinge. The result is a strain that resembles golden nuggets.

Acapulco Gold has a distinct flavor and smell. The strain gives of rich, earthy flavors reminiscent of its place of origin. On the exhale, users can detect hints of chestnut and tea leaves.


Acapulco Gold is celebrated for many reasons, but especially its potent effects. Users may experience a powerful cerebral high combines with potentially full-body relaxation. The strain has the potential to uplift the mood of its users.

The effects of the Sativa may make it ideal for treating anxiety, depression, and chronic pain according to some consumers.

To try the Acapulco Gold for yourself, check out our online menu or stop by the shop.

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