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Animal Cookies: A Heavy-Hitting Hybrid From Fire House Productions

The team at Fire House Productions is known for cultivating consistent runs of quality cannabis. Their Animal Cookies strain, a cross between GSC x Fire OG BX3, is a favorite among staff and customers for its flavorful aromatic profile and potent effects. As a small facility in Spokane Valley, Fire House Productions has dedicated their time to ensuring they are able to produce some of the best weed in Washington.

This dedication to quality directly translates into the quality of their products. In addition to Animal Cookies, Fire House currently produces 10 strains of small-batch cannabis that can be found at select dispensaries. Their products include hand-trimmed grams, eighths, quarters, and pre-rolled joints. If you’re looking for flower that delivers heavy-hitting hybrid effects, full-bodied flavor, and a quality overall experience, we recommend trying Animal Cookies from Fire House Productions.

Animal Cookies Strain Overview

By utilizing a precise blend of nutrients and lighting that is specialized for every strain, Fire House growers are able to ensure that their flower is protected from pesticides and other potential contaminants. Their process has been fine-tuned to produce hearty harvests with little loss, allowing the team to sell their quality flower at an affordable price. If you’re looking for an introduction to the brand, Fire House’s Animal Cookies strain is a great choice.

Animal Cookies, also known as Animal Crackers, is a heavy-hitting, indica-dominant hybrid with a remarkably pungent flavor profile that tastes of sour earth, flowers, fruit and brown sugar. This highly coveted strain is said to be powerful enough to impress high-tolerance consumers, but in small quantities it should be perfect for low tolerance users as well. Reviewers say this strain instills a sense of tranquil wellbeing and has the potential to leave you feeling tingly and a little hungry.

Find Fire House Productions At Mr. Bills

If you’ve tried Animal Cookies and are on the hunt for something new, Fire House has announced they will be adding to their strain library in 2023. Follow Fire House on Instagram to see what strains they have currently in the farm. For personal recommendations or info on upcoming drops, stop in-store to chat with our team of experienced budtenders.

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