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Are Vape Carts a Healthier Choice Than Smoking Weed?

Vaping weed through cartridges has become one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis due to its discreteness and ease of use. Many also look towards this method because they believe it is safer than smoking marijuana flower. But, are vape carts a healthier choice?

Are Vape Carts Healthier Than Smoking Cannabis Flower?

First, inhaling anything other than oxygen into your lungs is not safe. But when comparing vaping to smoking, it is thought to be healthier because of the lower temperature and lack of combustion. Research suggests that this is true. Vaporizing cannabis oil produces fewer toxins than smoking flower.

“The research is clear that vaporization is a safer way to inhale cannabis than combustion,” says Dr. Rufer, Head of Biocompatibility and Toxicology at PAX Labs.

“Vaporization produces the purest stream of cannabinoids and terpenes and contains less than 1/1000th the hazardous substances associated with combustion. This means it’s easier on the lungs for the consumer and also safer for those around them.” (Source: Meehan Atrash et al, 2019)

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Contrarily, smoking cannabis flower releases toxic byproducts such as carbon dioxide, benzene, and aromatic hydrocarbons, which are also all found in tobacco smoke. The higher temperature of smoke can also cause more irritation to the lungs and throat.

Temperature and the quality of the oil are also important factors when it comes to the safety level of vape carts. PAX, a leading vaporizer device brand, heats up to around 520-790F which creates a desirable vaping experience. Too high of a temperature may lead to unwanted and harmful effects, such as chest pain and shortness of breath.

Legal Vape Carts Vs. Black Market Products

The evidence that vape carts are a healthier choice is based on legal cannabis oil cartridges that must go through strict lab testing before hitting the shelves.

Black market vape carts may pose risks, such as EVALI (e-cigarette or vaping use-associated lung injury). Back in 2019, there was an outbreak of this severe lung disease due to harmful additives that are used in counterfeit THC products. The most common additive in black market vape carts is Vitamin E acetate, but pesticides, poisons, heavy metals, fungicides, and even opioids have also been found. Without going through lab testing, it’s impossible to know if a black market vape is pure THC oil.

When purchasing regulated THC vape carts from legal cannabis dispensaries, any safety risks associated with vaping cannabis are minimized when compared to black market products. Further, when compared to smoking cannabis flower, vape carts are proven to be the healthier choice.

Legal Vape Carts in Washington State

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