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Check Out These Award-Winning Haunted Houses In Buckley

Whether you're from Buckley, or just visiting, there are plenty of festivities to be enjoyed this Halloween Season. You won’t want to miss out on the thrills, chills, and scares that are planned for this year's visitors. Laugh the day away at a pumpkin patch or spend the evening at one of the most popular haunted houses in Washington state. Be prepared to encounter scare actors, dressed in elaborate costumes, and creepy animatronics as you navigate your way out of these popular haunted houses in Buckley.

Buckley's Premier Haunted Houses Are Open Now

Buckley is home to a handful of haunted houses, spooky walks, and other haunt-filled attractions. If you’re a fan of Halloween - or just being scared in general - you won't want to miss these award-winning haunted houses.

Fright Factory

The Fright Factory is an award-winning haunted house that is located in a secluded area of Buckley…where no one can hear you scream! Live out your worst nightmares as you creep through horrifyingly realistic haunts. The Fright Factory takes place 98% indoors and is fully wheelchair accessible. This year a portion of proceeds will be donated to benefit local community activities.

The Fright Factory is your one-stop-shop for all things Halloween. Parking is free and vendors will be on-site with food and drinks for purchase. If you have a high tolerance for fear, you won’t want to miss this event. In fact, The Fright Factory has been rated as one of the scariest, most realistic haunted attractions in the Puget Sound.

Location: 2000 Collins Rd, Buckley

Hours of Operation: Oct 1,7,8,14,15,21,22,28,29 from 6pm-11pm; Oct 9,16,23,26,27,30,31 from 6pm-8:30pm

Admission Costs: General Admission Price: $20.00 ($1 off with canned food donations) - $35.00 Fast Pass

**Cash Only! ATM’s On-Site**

Please note, while there are no age restrictions at the venue, the staff does not recommend our attraction to those under 10 years of age due to the intensity of our haunt, for safety reasons children will not be allowed to be carried. Be aware there are No Refunds once you enter the Fright Factory.

To learn more about Fright Factory, or to read some frequently asked questions (FAQs), click here.

The Haunted Woods

The Maris Farms Haunted Woods is designed to provide thrills and chills to all who dare visit. This haunted adventure consists of a 30–40-minute creepy quest through the forest. Visitors should be prepared for scare actors around every corner. The Haunted Woods is one of Pierce County’s longest running (and scariest) haunted attractions.

Unlike the Fright Factory, this haunt takes place mostly outdoors. The trail leads you through 10-foot-tall corn stalks, past creepy creatures and through terrifying scenes. The intense sensory journey filled with walk thru sets, animatronic characters and more than 50 actors in full makeup and custom-made costumes. After a few initial twists and terror filled turns, you’ll enter a dark forest through a spinning vortex tunnel that is sure to leave you disoriented. From there, be ready for anything. An escaped psycho, mutants, apocalyptic zombies, demented Holiday Elves and much more.

Location: 25001 Sumner-Buckley HWY, Buckley

Hours of Operation: Begins at dusk (around 7pm) on Friday, Saturday and select Sunday nights in October. Event has limited capacity and most dates sell out. Secure your tickets online today.

Admission Costs: General Admission: $38, Fast Pass: $50

Admission to The Haunted Woods allows you to arrive up to 2 hours early to shop for pumpkins or experience the family-friendly farm activities. For an additional fee, visitors can purchase the Haunt & Play Pass that includes access to the corn maze, jump pillow, mega slide, zip line, and more!

Please note that The Haunted Woods is operated around a rustic dairy farm. You may encounter uneven terrain, rocks, mud, and corn leaves, so plan accordingly. Due to an intense fright factor, the Haunted Woods attraction is NOT recommended to children 10 & under or people with heart conditions. There are no refunds, enter at your own risk.

To learn more about The Haunted Woods, or to read some frequently asked questions (FAQs), click here.

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Though the purpose of a haunted house attraction is to have fun, it is also to scare, surprise, and startle. This attraction is not suitable for people with heart conditions or people prone to seizures. It is not recommended for children under age 10 or pregnant women. Infants and children being carried will not be allowed entry. You will not be grabbed or pushed. Running is the main cause of minor injuries. Make sure to follow all posted rules and DO NOT run.

Due to the intense nature of this experience, we have adopted a Strong Policy regarding adherence to these rules, which are intended to keep you, other customers and our actors safe. Our Strong Policy is a zero tolerance for violation of any of these rules. Violation will result in immediate removal from the venue. No refunds. You will encounter uneven terrain and possibly areas of mud inside (if its rained heavily prior to your entry); also, if you leave the trail you will not be able to see and will most likely encounter brush, trees, stones and other items inherent to being in a corn field or woods, or staging materials inherent to a stage production. Please be aware of this.Tickets may be revoked without refund or other consideration and the holder of this ticket may be removed from the haunted house for failure to comply with any term of this ticket or obey all posted signs and instructions. Once again the holder of this ticket/pass understands that there are inherent risks and dangers associated with participation in these attractions.

DO NOT ENTER the attraction if you are intoxicated, wearing any form of case, medical brace, using crutches, or have any type of physical limitations. Do not enter if you are taking medication, or using drugs of any type. You will not be admitted if any of these conditions are noticed by our staff. You should not enter the attraction if you are pregnant, suffer from asthma, are prone to seizures, heart conditions, repertory or medical conditions. Do not enter the attraction if you suffer from any form of mental disease including claustrophobia. DO NOT smoke, vape, run, wear masks or face paint, eat, drink inside of the attraction. Additionally there is no touching of the actors, customers or props. NO video or flash photography is permitted inside the individual haunts. YOU WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE WITHOUT REFUND IF THESE RULES ARE NOT FOLLOWED.

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