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The Best Cheap 1G Vape Carts In Washington

There’s no question life is expensive. If you’re currently ballin’ on a budget - but are not willing to skimp on the quality of your concentrates - you’re in luck! At Mr. Bills, we believe that good weed doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. That’s why our team pulled together this list of the best cheap 1G vape carts in Washington. So, if you’re looking to restock but don’t want to pay a lot for vapes, consider picking up some of these popular (and potent) carts.

The Best Cheap 1G Vape Carts In Washington

While it can seem outright impossible to find affordable options, our dispensary shelves are stocked with a variety of options to fit all budgets. Here is a selection of the best cheap 1G vape carts in Washington that will have you in the clouds - and blowing them - without breaking the bank. As always, items mentioned are only available while supplies last. Check our live menu to ensure we have the product you want in stock, or to place a pre-order for pickup today.

cheap 1g vape carts

Cheap Vapes For $20

If you want to get high and you’re short on cash, Herb’s Oil cartridges have been known to do the trick. With a robust flavor profile and a solid score on the THC % numbers depending on the strain - and only $20 for 1G - you’ll not only be satisfied by the savings, but by your experience as a whole. Looking for other brands selling cheap 1G vape carts under $30? These Washington producers have you covered: EZ Vape, Man’s Best Friend, Two Heads Co, and Interra.

cheap 1g vape carts

Vape Carts For $35

At a slightly higher price point you’ll find a ton of popular brands selling cheap 1G vape carts in Washington. Our expert budtenders tend to recommend popular strains from Supernova, or brands with similar quality like Full Spec, Slab Mechanix, Leafwerx, Royal Tree Gardens, and Green Haven, to name a few. While you are paying a little more for these brands, you really do get a solid bang for your buck! These quality distillate 1g vape carts are some of the most potent (and cheapest) options currently available in Washington. At $35 (or less) a pop, the possibilities at this price point are practically endless.

cheap 1g vape carts

1G Best Sellers $40

If you tend to buy budget brands on the regular and are looking to splurge the 1G Vape Carts from Crystal Clear do not disappoint! Sitting at the midpoint of Washington’s price range for vapes, Crystal Clear is a consistent crowd pleaser. Their convenient line of high-THC distillate cartridges are available in a ton of flavors - so make sure you try them all to find your fave! Each vape is made with high quality oil, is packed full of flavor, and is 3rd party tested for safety, purity, and overall efficacy. Crystal Clear vapes are offered in 1G screw-on and disposable options - prices may vary - and are popular for providing consistent experience, with potent effects, and a pocket-friendly price tag that will make you smile.

Ready to grab a cheap 1G vape cart from one of these popular Washington brands? Stop by our shop in Buckley, or place a pre-order through our online menu today! Interested in something different? No problem—our budtenders will help you find the best products to fit your budget and needs.

Looking for an even sweeter deal? Be sure to check out our upcoming specials to take advantage of extra savings!

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