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Black Friday Deals At Mr. Bills Of Buckley

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

With the holidays quickly coming, we're all gearing up for Thanksgiving. However, another holiday is lurking in the background of our minds: Black Friday. Black Friday is not only a terrific chance to purchase your Christmas gifts early, but it is also a great time to load up on things for yourself. Mr. Bills of Buckley, fortunately, has some amazing Black Friday offers, and we have some great products you might want to take advantage of.

Everything in Mr. Buckley's store will be 30% off on Black Friday, so if you want to grab a few goods for yourself or as a present, be sure to stop in. Whether it's pre-rolls, high-quality flower, or potent dabs, you can get whatever you want. This deal is only available on November 26th, so mark your calendars and check out our online menu before you head over!

Premium Products At Mr. Bills Of Buckley

Seattle Bubble Works - Amazonian White Fire Hash Pre-roll 10 Pack

Since 2016, Seattle Bubble Works has been producing high-quality hash with attention to detail that few companies can match. These half-gram pre-rolls come in tens, so one pack has 5 grams of this goodness. This Sativa-hybrid, a descendant of White Fire OG, might be an excellent pick for some afternoon adventuring, and the infused hash within it gives the joint a potent kick. This pre-roll is a good buy, and it's even better when you get it on sale.

DogHouse - Headband Flower

DogHouse Cannabis, run by Jon Hudnall, who has been researching cannabis production and genetics for the last 15 years, has been working towards perfecting its cannabis curation and its many strains since its establishment. Headband is a popular cross between OG Kush and Sour Diesel, named for the tingling sensations some people get after smoking it. A mellow hybrid strain, Headband could be ideal for a day when you don't have anything planned but don't want to be too tired.

Crystal Clear - Tigers Blood Distillate

Don't worry, dabbers, we didn't forget about you. Crystal Clear is well-known in the state for producing some of the most refined distillate with a visually appealing look. Tigers Blood, an Indica dominant hybrid, is a rare strain that you won't see in the shops very frequently. Tigers Blood is a descendant of OG Kush and has the strain's sweet herbal flavors. Because this strain has a tendency to make people drowsy, it could be a good idea to smoke it shortly before going to bed.

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