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Mr. Bills: A Fun Stop For Cannabis Off HWY 410

If you find yourself cruising Highway 410 en route to some excellent hikes and other summer activities on Crystal Mountain, you may want to stop along the way to pick up some items to enhance your outdoor experiences. Mr. Bill’s of Buckley is your one-stop-shop for the cannabis products that will take your treks to a higher level.

Whether you are looking for something to smoke, vape, drink, eat, or apply topically, Mr. Bill's has you covered. The town of Buckley and its surrounding areas offer some of Washington's loveliest landscapes, and by supporting local businesses such as Mr. Bill's, you can ensure that the area maintains its gorgeous and welcoming spirit.

There are many ways to consume cannabis, and Mr. Bill's sells high-quality products in all forms. Vaping is becoming increasingly popular as a means of weed consumption, and we carry an extensive line of vape cartridges. Our customers have been wild about our stock of Buddies Brand products. Their God’s Gift vape cartridge is a single-source concentrate, and delivers on its noteworthy terpenes.

For more experienced and frequent users, we recommend brands such as Cedar Creek Cannabis for its high terpene concentrates. Cedar Creek’s Dog Walker OG strain of Live Resin Diamonds showcases the top-notch results of creating an extract true to its origins.

Smoking a classic pre-roll is still a favorite way to enjoy cannabis for many of our customers. For those looking for an extra bang for their buck, Mr. Bill's carries a slew of infused joints. These pre-rolls, infused with added concentrate may offer more intense sensations and stimulations for folks who enjoy that additional edge. We highly recommend the Flying Dutchman strain by Landrace Labs. Get their two-pack of joints and smoke one now, and save one for later.

The next time you're headed down Highway 410, stop by Mr. Bill's of Buckley for all your cannabis needs.

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