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Stoned on the Slopes: Cannabis Close to Crystal Mountain

At Mr. Bill's of Buckley, we carry a wide array of products to satisfy sporty mountaineers of all ilks. Whether you enjoy consuming your cannabis through toking, munching or vaping, Mr. Bill's has a supersized selection for you.

A jewel of the Pacific Northwest, Crystal Mountain offers soaring peaks, panoramic vistas, and some of the best skiing and hiking trails in Washington State. A trip to Crystal promises fun and recreation, and not just during the winter months. Year-round activities beckon visitors from all over the country who traverse Washington State Route 410 to access this pinnacle of play.

Perhaps you're looking for a variety of highs to enrich all of your Alpine activities. Allow our knowledgeable and friendly staff to help you find the perfect products. Does your itinerary include zooming down slopes or hiking the craggy hills? Here are a few strains for when you need to warm up or wind down after a day on the mountain.

Runtz by Lifted

Lifted Cannabis arguably has one of the most reliable cuts of Runtz you can currently find in Washington. This decadent strain may produce uplifting, creative, and pain-relieving effects.

Dosi Pie by 2727

Dosi Pie, aka Do-Si-Pie, is a potentially soothing indica strain that might offer a warming high. 2727 is currently supplying us with ounces of this strain for $100, before tax.

Jet Fuel by Buddy Boy Farms

The Jet Fuel strain might be the energizing kick you need to power through another day on the peaks. Buddy Boy Farms have a potent Jet Fuel flower that comes in eighths and ounces. This strain combines Aspen OG with High Country Diesel to produce a stinky hitter.

Snowboarders once held the title of Cannasseur, but in 2021, you don't have to shred the gnar to appreciate the experiences marijuana provides. Mr. Bill's of Buckley wants to help you achieve those experiences, so when you're traveling along 410, come check out the best kush for your Crystal adventure!

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