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When Will Crystal Mountain Ski Resort Open for the Season?

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Crystal Mountain is something of a safe haven for many people in the greater Seattle area and beyond. So it is safe to say many of us who love the white powders of the snowy mountain have been waiting in anticipation for the opening of Crystal Mountain this season.

According to Snowpak, the resort is estimated to open its doors on Friday and stay open for roughly five months. Luckily, all your cannabis needs for your mountain visit can be found at Mr. Bills of Buckley. Stop by the shop on your way and grab all your supplies!

Mr. Bills of Buckley Supplies for a Mad Crystal Mountain Sesh

Anybody coming from the West and North of Crystal Mountain can enjoy the convenient stop at Mr. Bills on their way to the resort. Whether you wear the kush cologne proudly or prefer to be more discreet with your cannabis consumption, you can find your preferred form of consumption at Mr. Bills of Buckley.

1. Smoking

The most popular and classic way to consume cannabis is through smoking it. So, if you’re comfortable with smoking around others, then you’ll love the large selection of flower at Mr. Bills. It doesn’t matter if you like the piney Sativa Jack Herer grown by solid Soulshine Cannabis or a strong Indica like the powerful Purple Urkle grown by Trail Blazin’. You will find something you will enjoy!

If you want a bit more convenience in consumption or you don’t like to roll yourself or carry a piece with you, then you can grab some prerolls. 2727 are highly regarded for their infused pre-rolls. Because they are carefully handcrafted, they are known for burning even for a joint infused on the exterior. 2727 has strains ranging from bright and vibrant Super Lemon Haze and the creamy Gelato infused pre-rolls.

2. Vaping

Thanks to vaping, there is an option for inhalation consumption that is more convenient than prerolls. Besides eliminating the struggles of a wet lighter/joint, vape pens are far more discrete with the elimination of the strong and familiar odor of cannabis being burned. Buddies Brand vapes will provide you the comfort of discretion as well as high-quality products at prices that can be under $40.

Products like the Buddies Pineapple Peach Liquid Diamond Live Resin Cartridges combine flavorful terpenes and potent live resin diamonds to give you a satisfying experience. Buddies Brand can be the perfect cannabis companion on the slopes!

3. Infused Edibles

If you’re looking for even more discretion or just prefer the effects of ingesting cannabis, then edibles are the perfect products to pick up from a shop off the 410. The best part of infused products is the variety! You could enjoy Swifts' sweet Strawberry Gummies and decadent Raspberry Cheesecake Truffle with effects that may be for the experienced. Or you can enjoy the delicious volcanic orange mango infused drink by MAJOR and enjoy their quality flavors, effects, and prices.

It’s okay if the people you may be with at Crystal Mountain may consume cannabis in different ways. Everybody can find something they prefer when you stop by Mr. Bills of Buckley before getting to the resort. Take a look at the menu before you arrive so you can get to the slopes even faster!

Shop Mr. Bills Of Buckley's Online Pre-Order Menu

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