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Do-Si-Dos Strain: Doughy Aromas And Relaxing Highs

The Do-Si-Dos strain (aka Dosi, or Dosidos,) much like its GSC lineage, is one of those infamous strains whose name alone has people dying to try it. While the GSC made a name for itself through doughy flavor and a sweet aroma—not to mention its potentially potent effects—Do-Si-Dos proves itself by combining the best parts of both of its parent strains.

At Mr. Bills, we know that our customers care about the quality of their product and the background behind each strain. That’s why in today’s strain feature, we tell you everything you need to know about the classic Do-Si-Dos strain.

The Basics

The Do-Si-Dos strain is an Indica leading hybrid made up of a cross between GSC and Face Off OG. This strain is a potent one, containing anywhere from 28%-30% THC.

The strain’s appearance is as lovely as its aroma. A Frosty blanket of trichomes covers the nugs, with bright pistils and lime green leaves. Hints of purple color can be found throughout the flower.

Smoking Experience

The Do-Si-Dos strain has a sweet, minty aroma with subtle hints of lime and pine throughout. Its flavor accentuates the smell; piney and earthy with a sweet, creamy flavor that reminds you of its GSC parent.

When it comes to effects, the Do-Si-Dos strain doesn't lack potency. While different strains affect users in different ways, the general consensus is that it's a potentially hard-hitting Indica. Its effects might be helpful to users who suffer from insomnia, chronic pain, and nausea.

Find The Do-Si-Dos Strain At Mr. Bills

The Do-Si-Dos strain comes in many forms at Mr. Bills of Buckley. We carry grams of Do-Si-Dos flower from Pagoda for an extremely affordable price. Also, you can find Do-Si-Dos pre-rolls from Mt. Baker Gardens, and Do-Si-Dos concentrate from Buddha Delight that doesn't break the bank.

Check out our online menu to try the Do-Si-Dos strain for yourself.

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