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Explore Weekly Promotions And Discounts At Mr. Bills of Buckley

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Some of us may feel like we spend the entire week looking forward to the weekend, but Mr. Bills of Buckley gives us something to look forward to on weekdays. We strive to provide an excellent cannabis experience, and one way we do it is by offering special discounts four days a week. It's important that we show appreciation to our customers for their years of support and the relationships we've created with them over that time.

Located near Crystal Mountain, Mr. Bills of Buckley has been happily serving Pierce County visitors and residents since 2015. With so many options, we guarantee that you will find something that catches your eye. We carefully choose our products and source our merchandise from reputable brands like Mt. Baker Gardens, Top Shelf, and Left-Handed.

Cannabis is not one-size-fits-all, so, we provide a variety of promos to satisfy everyone's needs, such as Munchie Mondays, Doobie Tuesdays, Wax Wednesdays, and Top Shelf Thursdays. To take advantage of these offers, visit us at 29393 State Route 410 E and check out our live menu to see what's on sale!

Munchie Mondays

Although not everyone enjoys smoking cannabis, this should not restrict anyone from enjoying the effects. Mr. Bills of Buckley offers 10% off edibles and beverages on Munchie Mondays. Even if you like to smoke your weed, having an edible every now and then is always fun and exciting. Make sure to stop in on Monday and check out our premium edible options online before you come in.

Doobie Tuesdays

Why be stressed when you can get any pre-roll for 10% off every Tuesday? Nothing beats walking outside and enjoying a nice pre-roll after a hard day. It's still early in the week, so stock up on pre-rolls to make the rest of the week potentially run more smoothly. Visit us this week on Doobie Tuesday to pick up a pre-roll or two from our excellent variety of options.

Wax Wednesdays

If you prefer the dabbing method of cannabis consumption, this is a deal you definitely shouldn't pass up. Every Wednesday, Mr. Bills of Buckley offers a 10% discount on all concentrates in the store. To learn more about our extensive assortment of concentrates, come see us on Wax Wednesday or browse our online menu.

Top Shelf Thursdays

Mr. Bills of Buckley is always looking out for its customers and aims to provide some of the highest quality items available in the state. We are adamant about our exceptional brand selection, and Top Shelf is no exception. Check out Top Shelf at Mr. Bills of Buckley to pick up some high-quality cannabis and stop in on Thursdays to get 10% off of all Top Shelf brand items.

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