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Fire Bros: High-Quality Cannabis In Funny (Earth-Friendly) Packaging

Fire Bros is in the business of supplying Washingtonians with some of the finest flower, pre-rolls, vapes, and dab-able concentrates in the state. This Seattle-native owned and operated cannabis farm is focused on quality and innovation above all else. Through years of dedication and experience (more than 15 years of it!) Fire Bros has been able to crack the code for cultivating top-tier cultivars that customers crave. This is partly thanks to their high standards for quality and partly to the brand’s personality.

Continue reading to learn why Fire Bros continues to impress our customers with their clean, contaminant-free, ultra potent product line.

About Fire Bros

Fire Bros currently produces and processes all of their products at their Seattle Facility using in-house strains from their indoor grow. While flower has always been their specialty, the brand has seen success with their premium line of concentrates as well. Since their operations are on the smaller side, Fire Bros isn’t able to provide their concentrates to customers as consistently as they do their flower… but when they drop, they fly off our dispensary shelves! If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on some of their live resin, cbd concentrates, or hash rosin you won't be disappointed.

What makes Fire Bros Stand Out?

It takes more than a knowledgeable team to stand out in Washington’s oversaturated market. Fire Bros backs their best practices in the greenhouse with hand-selected phenotypes (phenos) of in-house cultivars - instead of using other people’s clones. By pulling on their deep background in laboratory testing for potency and contaminants, the Fire Bros founders are able to ensure each batch of cannabis harvested is fit for consumption. To make things better, the team uses a proprietary curing method to preserve the most aromatic, psychoactive, and therapeutic properties of each plant.

In addition to being known for producing some of the smoothest smoking products, Fire Bros has a reputation for creating some of the funniest (and most cutting edge) packaging in the state. By leveraging hilarious names to represent their award winning strains, Fire Bros is able to stand out from the pack, more than they would otherwise. Earth-conscious stoners also appreciate the fact that Fire Bros prides themselves on using biodegradable packaging as well.

Find Fire Bros In Buckley At Mr. Bills

If you haven’t had a chance to try the high-quality products from Fire Bros, we think you’re missing out! Ever since they won their first award in 2013 for their Ewok strain Fire Bros has been in high demand. Recently the brand was listed as one of Leafly’s “7 Best WashingTon Weed Brands to Smoke in 2023” which has only added to their popularity and hype. Find a variety of Fire Bros pre-rolls, flower, and concentrates at Mr. Bills, your favorite Buckley dispensary.

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For more information about the brands we carry you can visit our blog or, if you have questions or special inquiries for the team, feel free to contact us here.

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