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Five Uplifting Pre-Rolls To Kick Off The Summer With

It’s always a pleasure to treat yourself to a nice joint every once in a while. You could roll your own joints, but why not enhance your cannabis experience by picking up a high-quality pre-roll? Stop by Mr. Bills of Buckley for an excellent collection of pre-rolls that will not disappoint. In addition to our premium options, we offer 10% off all pre-rolls every Tuesday as part of our Doobie Tuesday special. Check out our live online menu to view some of our pre-roll selections as well as our current specials.

As summer approaches, many of us are looking for uplifting and engaging cannabis strains to help us enjoy our sunny days outside. Whether you're resting on the beach, having a picnic in the park, or going for a leisurely stroll, smoking beforehand could make the experience even more wonderful. Mr. Bills of Buckley has a wonderful selection of energetic Sativas and balanced hybrids that are sure to brighten your day. Below, we've compiled a list of some of our favorite Sativa and Hybrid pre-rolls that we think you will love.

Super Lemon Haze Pre-Roll 2 Pack - Equinox

Equinox is a trusted cultivator that provides a wide range of high-quality cannabis products in a variety of strains. Their Super Lemon Haze Pre-Roll 2 Pack has a gram of flower divided between two half-gram joints. As the name suggests, this strain is deliciously lemony and may offer a wonderfully energizing high while also calming your body.

Blue Dream Infused Pre-Roll 2 Pack - Wicked

This potent doobie is sure to give you an unforgettable experience. Wicked Weed provides a desirable variety of unique cannabis products and cultivates their goods with meticulous care. This strain has a sweet and strong blueberry flavor that lingers in your mouth for a long time, almost as if you had just eaten a blueberry scone. Blue Dream is a fan favorite that is wonderful for getting through a busy day and has anti-inflammatory benefits for individuals who suffer from chronic pain.

Stardawg Pre-Roll 5 Pack - Doghouse

Doghouse 420 uses only natural materials and strives to improve their unique soil mix in order to provide the finest cannabis growing environment. Their extraordinary care and hard work is reflected in the flower they produce, consistently providing us with high-quality cannabis. It's nearly difficult not to be charmed with their Stardawg Pre-Rolls, which may leave you giggling for hours. Stardawg may give a highly energetic and creative high, making it ideal for days when you're always on the go. This pre-roll pack includes 3 grams of flower that has been evenly spread among 5 joints, with each containing a little more than half a gram.

Hellfire Pre-Roll 2 Pack - Green Haven

Green Haven is constantly on the hunt for new strains to develop as well as innovative approaches to improve their goods. This strain is a cross between the Indica SFV OG Kush and the hybrid OG Kush strains. Soon after smoking, you may feel a burst of creativity followed by an awesome body high that could completely relax you. Aside from these amazing recreational benefits, the main terpene in Hellfire is Caryophyllene, which may give considerable relief for those suffering from anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome, and epilepsy.

Dutchberry Pre-Roll 2 pack - Artizen

If you want your flower to have a tangy, fruity flavor, Dutchberry is the strain for you. The strong fragrance of berry citrus greets you as soon as you open the container, and it's difficult not to be impressed by the superb flavor that distinguishes this strain. This strain has gained great popularity, and Dope Magazine awarded Dutchberry the Dope Cup in 2016. Aside from the strain's incredible qualities, this pre-roll pack is cultivated by Artizen, a very innovative cannabis producer headquartered in Lacey, Washington, ensuring a premium cannabis experience.

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