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The Gary Payton Strain: A Legacy In Basketball & Cannabis

Gary “The Glove” Payton is a legendary figure in basketball and cannabis. While Payton’s legacy started during his career with the Seattle SuperSonics, his name has since become a household one to cannabis lovers. The Gary Payton strain has because an industry favorite due to its history and premium genetics. At our Buckley dispensary, Gary Payton is a customer favorite.

Gary Payton Strain: The History

The Gary Payton strain was curated by a collab between Powerzzzup and Cookies. The two brands crossed the Y and Snowman to make a strain rich with Girl Scout Cookie lineage.

The name of the strain came about because of the cannabis industry’s association with the number 20. Before the legal market, cannabis buyers coined the phrase “a Gary Payton” when referring to a $20 bag of weed. During the creation of the strain, the two collaborating brands chose phenotype number 20 as the best choice for the new strain–the same number as Payton’s Jersey.


The Gary Payton strain has dense, green buds with purple and orange tones bursting throughout. The nugs are covered in glittering crystal trichomes that give them a frosty appearance; showing what’s to come in regard to the strain’s potency.

After cracking open the nugs, users will be able to detect a musky, kush-like aroma with earth and pepper undertones. This is largely in part to the presence of caryophyllene–the strain’s dominant terpene.


Typically, Gary Payton contains about 21% THC. The result is a potentially smooth-hitting calmness. At a mid-range potency, this strain is a great choice for beginners and daytime smokers. One note of caution- the effects of the strain are said to be cumulative, so we recommend starting out with a couple of hits and waiting to smoke more until you can assess how you feel.

The effects of the Gary Payton strain are what makes it so highly coveted. As one Leafly user stated, “This is one of the most perfectly BALANCED strains I have ever smoked.” With the potential to aid in the relief of chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and stress, this strain is a great recovery option.

Recreationally, the strain has no limits! Due to its sativa-leaning nature, the strain may be ideal for daytime activities like a walk outside, getting creative, or simply doing chores around the house.

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