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Harmony Farms Showcases Their Natural Growing Techniques and Extensive Industry Knowledge

Harmony Farms is a Tier-3 producer/processor company that utilizes natural and organic techniques in every grow cycle. The brand operates out of Lacey, WA, and sells its prized products in over 300 stores in and around the Washington market, including the Mr. Bills of Buckley store.

Continue reading to learn more about the brand and the products we offer at our dispensary.

Photo via Harmony Farms

Harmony Farms

Having been in the farming industry since March 2015, Harmony Farms has built a reputation for excellence and transparency. The company’s extensive knowledge of the medical cannabis industry, organic vegetable farming, and cellular biology, allows Harmony Farms to produce high-quality cannabis products and keeps customers informed and excited about their experience. This is because Harmony Farms allows consumers to see where their cannabis came from, how it was grown, and/or how it was extracted. The company believes that it is essential for the highest quality control.

Harmony Farm Products

The brand offers nitrogen-cured flower, pre-rolls, dabs, vapes, and a variety of cartridges. It is important to note that, Harmony Farms grown flower is fully flushed, LED grown, hand trimmed, clean burning, and highly potent among other care metrics. Some of their crafted strains include Lemon Tart, Island Punch, Black Jack, and XJ-13, which sounds like a name Elon Musk would use for his next kid, respectfully.

You may also be interested in Harmony Farms’ dabs, such as Ghetto Bird, Jungle Cake, White Runtz, and Orange Skunk. Furthermore, Harmony Farms offers vaporizers as well, including a line of live resin vapes.

The founders started their company selling great oil and have continued to do so by using terpene-rich distillate and natural ingredients. For their premium cartridges, they offer three different kinds: Bloom Series, and the Crush Series. The Raw Series is made to keep the highest potency, while the Bloom Series combines potency with flavor. Flavors include Carnival Kush, Lemon Tart, 24K Gold, Pineapple Express, and many others. The last series, the Crush Series, focuses on taste as the highest priority, including Wild Rascal, Beach Cruiser, Easy Sundae, and Ruby Roja cartridges, among others.

Interested in trying a Harmony Farms product? You can find select products on our menu, online or in person, at Mr. Bills of Buckley.

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