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Headband Strain: A Super Potent Sativa-Dominant Hybrid That Reeks Of Lemons And Gas

Washington state’s Doghouse is one of few cultivators that grows a pure, top-shelf Headband strain. This potent strain might wrap around your head like, you guessed it, a headband. The high might come quickly, slapping you in the face with an eye-widening high before winding down into a potentially more balanced state. Overall, this is a flawless sativa-dominant hybrid that might deliver an array of enlivening effects.

Headband is a cross between two esteemed strains, OG Kush and Sour Diesel. OG Kush might create a heavy body high with cerebral effects while Sour Diesel may boost energy and feelings of euphoria. Pulling from these genetics is a lemon and diesel aroma with hints of vanilla. The smoking experience is creamy and smooth, proving the quality of the genetics and attentive cultivation process.

What makes the Headband strain especially distinctive is its potential headband-like sensation around the crown of the consumer’s head. This strain might provide an almost equal head and body high, making it no surprise that it’s a cult favorite. Headband might deliver feelings of euphoria and creativity as much as it may provide feelings of relaxation. Expect thought-provoking and introspective thoughts from this powerful strain. Therapeutically, Headband might help treat symptoms of chronic pain, anxiety, nausea, mood disorders, muscle spasms, migraines, and much more.

Depending on how cannabis affects you, this might be your perfect daytime pick-me-up or your strain of choice when winding down. Its versatility makes for a consumer favorite, whether you're new to cannabis or an experienced navigator. Because of the high THC and terpene content, light users should start slow.

At Doghouse, Headband is cultivated by an intimate team of fewer than 20 people. The impeccable attention given to this plant crafts a product of unmatched quality. With many options out there, it’s important to know who’s behind the products. It is guaranteed to be delivered with the utmost quality from Doghouse, potentially providing numerous therapeutic and recreational benefits.

Doghouse’s award-winning products have made it one of the most sought-after brands in the PNW. You can find Doghouse flower and pre-rolls at dozens of dispensaries in Washington state and Oregon. Retailers include Craft Cannabis, Bud Barn, Cedar Greens, 420 Spot Shop, and many more. To learn more about Doghouse and find a list of retailers, visit our website.

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