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5 High-Potency Pre-Rolls Available At Mr. Bills Of Buckley

It's difficult not to appreciate a pre-roll from one of our high-quality cannabis brands. Achieving perfection is never easy, and sometimes having a joint pre-rolled for you is even more enjoyable. On days where you just want to pick up a high-potency pre-roll, Mr. Bills of Buckley has you covered.

The inventory at Mr. Bill's of Buckley is the perfect combination of expansive and carefully curated. With products from popular brands such as, Juicy Joints, Phat Panda, Dose, K Savage, Boogy Boon, it's hard to find something that won't pique your interest. If you're trying to decide what joint you should pick up today, we have a few suggestions. Here are our top 5 pre-rolls we have in store right now. Make sure to check out our online menu for inventory levels.

Juicy Joints - Strawberry Limeade Infused Pre-Roll

If you enjoy strains with fruity terpenes, you're in for a treat. Strawberry Limeade by Juicy Joints tastes just like the beverage after which it was named. It features lots of tart berry notes that dance on your tongue. Because this strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid, it might be best to smoke it during a day packed with fun activities or a before a project involving creative thinking. If you're interested in trying the Strawberry Limeade Infused Pre-Roll, it's available for $9 at Mr. Bill's before tax.

Phat Panda - Runtz Pre-Roll

You can't go wrong with the Runtz Pre-Roll by Phat Panda. If you haven't tried Runtz before, you'll immediately know how this strain got its name after smoking it. Known for its fruity terpene profile, Runtz was voted Leafly's Strain of the Year in 2020 and has remained a popular cannabis staple ever since. Runtz is a well-balanced hybrid, so it might not make you drowsy or amplify your paranoia, but instead bring about a buzzing euphoria. Visit us today to pick up this high-quality Phat Panda Runtz Pre-Roll for $6 before tax and see what all the hype is about.

Dose - Berry White Infused Palm Leaf Blunt

If you prefer blunts to joints, Mr. Bills has you covered there as well! Dose's palm leaf blunt wraps are slow-burning and tobacco-free, allowing you to experience the flavor of a good blunt without the adverse effects of nicotine. Aside from the unique wraps, the flower included inside is equally impressive. Berry White is known for potentially hitting you strong and fast, without the sleepiness you may typically get from Indicas. If you're looking to try the Berry White Infused Pre-Roll from Dose, you can learn more about this $16 (before tax) beast by checking out our online menu or stopping by.

K Savage - Apple Fritter Pre-Roll

Getting anything from K Savage is always a solid choice. Their Apple Fritter strain has an exceptionally high THC content, averaging more than 30%. Make sure you have nothing planned for the remainder of the night because Apple Fritter might put you out of commission. As the name implies, there's a strong apple flavor with subtle cheesy undertones that complement the powerful fruity flavor. The $10 K Savage Apple Fritter Pre-Roll is available at Mr. Bill's of Buckley. This price does not include tax.

Boogy Boon - Colt 45 Pre-Roll

It's a given that anything named after the iconic Afroman stoner track is going to be reliable. Colt 45 is an Indica-leaning hybrid created by crossing Slur n Wesson with OG Kush Breath. With such a Gelato-heavy ancestry, this unique strain shares many features, especially the creamy berry terpenes. If you're searching for a new rare strain to try, the Colt 45 Pre-Roll from Boogy Boon is a great option at a reasonable price of $6 before tax.

Mr. Bills of Buckley is always on the lookout for new methods to show our consumers how much we appreciate them. Doobie Tuesdays are the perfect day to pop in if you're in the mood to load up on quality pre-rolls. All pre-rolls are 10% off on Tuesdays and if you're still unsure of what you're looking for, our trained staff is happy to help you out. Visit us at 29393 WA-410 Suite D, Buckley, WA 98321. We look forward to seeing you!

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