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History of 710: How Dab Day Came To Be

Every year on 7/10 stoners gather to celebrate modern dab culture. 7/10, otherwise known as 710 or Dab Day, is basically the 420 of cannabis concentrates. People have been using solventless concentrates like hashish (hash) for centuries, but the majority of modern cannabis oils (diamonds, shatter, crumble, live resin, and more) are solvent based. These modern concentrates are processed using chemical solvents to create the various consistencies we are used to seeing on dispensary shelves today.

It is interesting to think of where we might be without solvent based concentrates. These innovative products have changed the weed game and enhanced the consumer experience - and stoner culture - for the better. Without the invention of solvent based dabs, we probably wouldn’t be celebrating 710 today.

Why Is It Called 710?

Interestingly, the term 710 was influenced by the oil cap on a car. When you flip the cap upside down and backwards “OIL” reads as “710”. In the early 2000s, 710 memes began to spread like wildfire and stoners quickly adopted the terms “710” and “710 friendly” when referring to the consumption of cannabis oils and extracts.

In 2013, LA Weekly ran “ 710 Is The New 420”. This short article brought the concept of 710 to the mainstream masses. 2013 was also the year of the cannabis community’s first official 710 event: The 710 Cup.

In the last decade, 710 has gained momentum in the media and the community. With legality on the rise, more people are being introduced to cannabis concentrates than ever before. It wouldn’t surprise us if this niche holiday becomes as popular as 420 in the future.

Celebrate 710 With Concentrates From Mr. Bills

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