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How to Clean a Pipe

Smoking cannabis through a pipe may be one of the easiest consumption methods, but it doesn’t come without a little maintenance. Cleaning your pipe regularly is essential if you want to consume weed safely. This will help prevent harmful bacteria and molds from building up and causing health problems in those that use it. If you’re wondering how exactly to clean a pipe, continue reading.

How Often to Clean a Pipe

Determining how often you should clean your pipe depends on how regularly you use it and its visual appearance. It also depends on your preference. If you want to smoke as safely as possible, cleaning your pipe after every use is an option. Otherwise, you can determine if it needs a cleaning by looking at how physically dirty it is. If you see a lot of resin and ash built up, especially if the glass is no longer opaque, it is definitely time to clean your pipe. Heavy users may want to clean their pipe once or twice a week, while lighter users may be able to wait longer.

How to Clean a Pipe

Now that you’ve learned how often to clean a pipe, let’s dive into exactly how to polish it up. There are various cleaning methods, but an easy and popular way is using isopropyl alcohol and salt. Follow these steps to clean a pipe using this method.


  • Isopropyl alcohol

  • Salt (coarse salt like Epsom bath salts work the best)

  • Ziploc bag large enough to fit your pipe

Step 1: Place the pipe in the Ziploc bag.

Step 2: Add enough isopropyl alcohol to fully submerge the pipe.

Step 3: Add salt. One to three spoonfuls will be sufficient.

Step 4: Seal the bag shut. Make sure it is completely sealed.

Step 5: Shake the bag vigorously until the pipe looks clean and free of residue. It is recommended to do this over a sink or outside as the bag could leak. If your pipe won’t get fully clean, start fresh with a new bag, alcohol, and salt.

Step 6: Once your pipe is free of residue, rinse it in warm water. Make sure to rinse it well to get all of the alcohol off.

Step 7: Your pipe is now clean and ready to use!

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