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How to Roll a Blunt

One of the simple joys of smoking cannabis is the ritualistic process of rolling up. Learning how to roll a blunt creates a convenient means for smoking whenever and wherever. It also gives you the ability to personalize the blunt to your preference. The process is easier than you might think; it just takes some weed, a wrap, and a little practice.

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How to Roll a Blunt: Step-By-Step

Continue reading to learn how to roll a blunt step-by-step, and view the video below for a visual alongside.

Step One: The Wrap

The first step when learning how to roll a blunt is selecting a cigarillo. You can find these at any local gas station, vape store, and many dispensaries. Choose a flavor that appeals to you.

Next, split the cigarillo down the middle using a blunt splitter, a pocket knife, or similar. If you don’t have access to something sharp, simply pinch the top of the wrap using your thumbs and forefingers, and tear carefully by pulling your thumbs away from each other. Continue this process until the cigarillo is fully split, vertically and straight.

Then, dump the tobacco leaves out of the cigarillo. These can be used later in the blunt if you prefer to smoke spliffs.

Photos by Denniz Futalan

Step Two: Packing The Blunt With Weed

Using a grinder or by hand, break down your flower into crumbs (pro tip: use a mix of both). Hold the wrap with your non-dominant hand and start packing the weed in. Be careful not to overfill it and try to keep the weed evenly dispersed across the entire length of the blunt.

Step Three: Rolling

Your next step when learning how to roll a blunt is going to start by holding the wrap between your thumbs and forefingers. Pinching your fingers together gently, you’re going to roll the wrap back and forth; packing the weed in and forming a cylindrical shape.

Once it's packed to your liking, bring one edge of the wrap over the weed and onto the other side of the wrap.

Step Four: Seal It

To seal the blunt, lick the inside edge of the wrap (or moisten with water) and press down on top of the wrap. Then take a lighter and from a short distance, quickly run it across the moist area of the blunt without igniting it.

Photo by Jalen Terry

Step Five: Enjoy

Then, light up, sit back, and enjoy your blunt!

Pro Move

To prevent Scooby snacks (aka ash) or little nugs from getting sucked into your mouth, break off a piece of the weed that is slightly smaller than the opening of your blunt. Stuff it in the edge and voila: a flower filter. Additionally, you can use a paper or glass filter.

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