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How to Use a Steam Roller Pipe

There’s no doubt you’ve heard of bowls and bongs, and you’ve likely heard them called pipes and water pipes as well. But have you heard of the smoking piece in between these two? Steam roller pipes are almost the same as regular pipes, but what makes them different, and what makes them similar to bongs, is that the carb hole is at the end, and there’s a chamber between that and the bowl that collects the smoke. This makes for a bigger and cooler hit; it’s essentially a dry bong.

How to Use a Steam Roller Pipe

Steam roller pipes come in all different shapes and sizes, but they essentially all work the same. Though they’re not as popular as regular bowls, they’re just as easy to use. And after giving it a try, you’ll likely find yourself replacing your favorite bowl with one of these elevated smoking tools.

After loading ground flower into the bowl part of the pipe, pick it up and hold it with your finger over the carb hole at the end. Light the flower while simultaneously inhaling. Continue inhaling for the preferred amount of time while keeping your finger on the carb hole. At this time, the smoke will build up at the end of the steamroller pipe, and little will be inhaled. Lift your finger off of the hole and take a deep inhale to capture all of the smoke that has built up.

Because of the large hit a steam roller pipe provides and the harshness of it, it is recommended for more experienced users. It’s sort of like hitting a bong without water— a large amount of smoke without the filter and cooling mechanism of water.

How to Clean a Steamroller Pipe

Cleaning a steamroller pipe is also just as easy as cleaning a regular bowl. Simply throw it in a sealable bag with some isopropyl alcohol and salt (preferably Epsom salts) and shake it around until all the grime comes off. Repeat this process as needed until your steam roller pipe is sparkly clean. Then, give it a good rinse under warm water.

There you have it, not as daunting as it seems, right? Now that you know how to use a steamroller pipe, stop by Mr. Bills of Buckley for plenty of options of flower to fill your bowl.

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