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Check Out Kush21—Mr. Bill's Of Buckley's Sister Store

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

It's essential to find a dispensary that you know you can trust. Mr. Bills of Buckley is a dispensary you can depend on to provide high-quality products and outstanding customer service every time you visit. However, if you are out of the area or are unable to visit Mr. Bills of Buckley, it is always unfortunate to be unable to go to your usual store to purchase cannabis elsewhere. Luckily, Mr. Buckley's sister store, Kush21, has locations in Burien, Spokane, and Pullman and offers the same exceptional service that you won't find anywhere else.

Kush21 was created in 2016, launching its first dispensary in Burien. To this day, they're still the closest dispensary to SeaTac Airport. Now, Kush21 has expanded its operations and established two more locations in the Eastern Washington region. The product inventory at Kush21 is hand-picked by their cannabis specialists, and we promise you'll find something that piques your interest. With an educated staff, new brands, and weekly exclusive deals to guarantee you have a wonderful cannabis experience at Kush21.

In addition to their amazing product variety, Kush21 also provides weekly specials like Munchie Monday, Top Shelf Tuesday, Waxy Wednesday, Vape Thursday, Shatterday, and Stock-up Sundays, where they give 20% off of each category of product. They also provide limited-time discounts for certain events, holidays, and simply because they want to, on top of unique in-store offers. When you order online, you can also receive a 10% discount on each purchase.

If you ever find yourself in a new part of Washington and need to get some stock-up, make sure to check out Kush21 and all of their locations. Kush21 contains all of the qualities that make Mr. Bills of Buckley so amazing, and we assure you that they are an excellent choice. If you’re interested in shopping at Kush21, you can browse their live menu and event calendar, both of which are easily available on their website.

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