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L.A. Kush Cake Strain: Creamy Citrus Flavors Packed In A High-Potency Hybrid

The L.A. Kush Cake strain gets its name from its parents as well as its creator’s stomping grounds. This strain is bred by frequent collaborators, Seed Junky Genetics and Liberty Health Sciences. It combines two of Seed Junky’s coveted creations, Wedding Cake and Kush Mints.

L.A. Kush Cake Strain

Wedding Cake is a classic, widespread strain that can be found all over the country, from street dealers to boutique dispensaries. While Kush Mints is a more recently trending strain that has been making waves in recent years. Both of these strains are hybrid, producing an equally balanced offspring that is L.A. Kush Cake.

Cannabinoids & Terpenes

Kush Mints typically contains around 27% THC while Wedding Cake sits around 24%. Thus, L.A. Kush Cake, also known as Los Angeles Kush Cake and LA Kush Cake #11, contains a THC content ranging from 20-25%. Further, all three of these strains contain high contents of CBG and limonene.

CBG is a cannabinoid that may offer therapeutic effects, such as pain relief, and anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. In fact, research has shown that CBG may also be a great aid in relieving inflammatory bowel disease (IBD,) Huntington’s Disease, Glaucoma, and fighting cancer cells.

Additionally, the most prominent terpene in Los Angeles Kush Cake is limonene, which contributes to the strain’s citrus flavor and aroma. Limonene also contributes to the strain’s potential therapeutic benefits, such as anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anticancer, antidiabetic, antihyperalgesic, antiviral, and gastroprotective properties.

Los Angeles Kush Cake Experience

As a hybrid, L.A. Kush Cake might offer a wealth of benefits. For recreational use, users may find that it pairs great with hanging out with friends, taking a walk around town, and doing house chores. Conversely, medical users may find that it relieves their pain, relaxes their thoughts, and offers them an undisturbed night of rest. This makes it a great choice no matter what effects you may be looking for.

Aroma & Flavors

The L.A. Kush Cake strain contains a strong lemon and citrus scent, complemented with a hint of creamy vanilla thanks to its Wedding Cake parent. Earth and mint flavors can also be detected, thanks to its Kush Mints parent.


Kush Mints is known for its vibrant light green shades, while Wedding Cake contains variations of purple throughout. Thus, L.A. Kush Cake also holds shades of purple, with an overall darker tone. The structure of its buds is dense yet fluffy, with enough crystal trichomes on its surface to visibly prove its potency.

Get L.A. Kush Cake in Buckley

L.A. Kush Cake is not just available in Los Angeles. You can find this strain all over the country, including right here in Washington State. At our Buckley dispensary, we offer L.A. Kush Cake flower in multiple brands and quantities.

Firstly, we carry Pagoda Premium Indoor’s L.A. Kush Cake flower in 8ths, quarters, and half ounces. Prices range from $25 to $95, pre-tax. We also carry Khush Kush’s take on the beloved strain in 8ths and 1-gram quantities. And if you're looking for a more potent experience with this strain, check out Supreme King's 3-gram infused blunt.

Shop Washington Cannabis at Mr. Bills of Buckley

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