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Lucky Lou's Cannabis: Hand-Picked Top-Shelf and Exotic Strains

Lucky Lou’s provides Washington with top-shelf cannabis and exotic strains. Their hand-curated cannabis products are a hit at any dispensary they are found in. At Mr. Bills, we carry a wide assortment of their unique strains. No dispensary is complete without Lucky Lou’s hand-picked lineup of premium flower. Lucky Lou’s strains have been featured for their amazing terpene content as well as their one-of-a-kind flavors.

Lucky Lou’s is distributed by Minglewood Brands. As one of the premier distributors in the Washington community, they focus on high-quality and unique items. Minglewood places a heavy emphasis on quality control and aligning with brands that put out premium products.

Lucky Lou's Cannabis at Mr. Bills of Buckley

Runtz 41

Lucky Lou’s has produced many well-known strains, including their Runtz 41. This hidden gem has been featured in cannabis circles across the country. Runtz 41 is unlike any other Runtz on the market. Lucky Lou’s has crafted a truly special strain. The beloved cultivar features a combination of pure gas and sweet berry flavors for a unique smoking experience.

Furthermore, Runtz 41 will potentially leave you stimulated and ready to create something new. If you’re facing artists' block, you may find that Runtz 41 is the perfect tool to get your creativity flowing.


Pizzelle from Lucky Lou’s has a high THC content and heavy flavor. It is a cross between White Runtz and Kush Mints. At around 24% THC, Pizzelle is an indica-leaning strain with potentially mild sedative effects. Pizzelle has a sweet aroma and a creamy finish, thanks to its White Runtz lineage.

This strain may have you ready to relax and unwind into the evening. Lucky Lou’s flower is always a cut above, and Pizzelle is a unique experience all in its own. You may find yourself floating through the day on a cloud of sweet smoke with this strain.

Sherb Cake

The Sherb Cake strain is a hybrid with a flavor all of its own. Sherb Cake is a cross between Wedding Cake and Girl Scout Cookies. It has a distinct vanilla aroma that proves to be soothing while smoking. You may find that Sherb Cake has a sugary undertone to counterbalance the earthy flavors. This strain may be ideal if you’re looking for pure joy in a joint. Sherb Cake offers a potentially intense euphoria that is quickly countered by a cerebral calm.

Gelato Cake

Gelato Cake is another well-known name in cannabis, thanks partly to its lineage of Wedding Cake and Gelato #33. When enjoying Gelato Cake, you may find a hint of peppery flavor that works well with its sweet aroma. Lucky Lou’s Gelato Cake has a juicy berry flavor alongside its gassy nose. Gelato Cake has a deep green hue and dark orange hairs, all covered in a heavy layer of crystals.

Gelato Cake’s terpene profile is heavy in limonene and beta-caryophyllenene, giving it a distinct spicy flavor. Gelato Cake may be perfect for winding down and doing absolutely nothing.

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