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Northern Nights Strain: Spicy, Floral Flavors And Sedative Highs

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Northern Nights is a welcome addition to the Washington cannabis industry and Mr. Bills of Buckley had to give our 2 cents. Northern Nights is the OG strain you may not be hearing about. Its lineage includes some favorites like Super Silver Haze and Shiva Skunk. This sought-after genetic is a cross between Afghani and Thai landrace strains. This means it is a true Indica hybrid in the Washington game. This is a highly potent strain clocking in at around 28% THC. Its high THC count makes it a favorite of experienced smokers or those looking to potentially alleviate aches and pains. With Northern Nights there is a heavy focus on rich terpene profiles, hard-hitting effects, and premium packaging. Their unique colors in their packaging make Northern Nights a well-thought-out product from bud to shelf.

Northern Nights potentially delivers a knock our body high and calming cerebral effects. Pairing Northern Nights with a night in and a good movie are your best bet for a potentially relaxing time. Because of the focus on active terpene profiles, you can expect a spicy floral scent from Northern Nights. This strain is here to remind you of a relaxing night around a fire with its smoky, woodsy aromas. Northern Nights bring sweet after notes to the flower game with Northern Nights. If you’re a fan of top products and packaging then you’ll have a new favorite in Northern Nights. This top-shelf flower grows quickly, lasts long, and is a true example of a well-grown genetic.

This well-cured strain is a prime example of quality growing techniques and terrific terpene profiles. You can find Northern Nights across Washington, or keep an eye on the shelves at Mr. Bills of Buckley. Northern Nights is ready to potentially deliver a wave of relaxation perfect for your evening plans.

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