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OG Chem Strain: A Euphoric Boost For Sunny Days

At Mr. Bills of Buckley, we have the perfect strains to incorporate into your daily lives as the weather becomes increasingly warmer. Summer means more time spent outside, and there's no better way to spend sunny days than smoking a potentially uplifting strain that might make these experiences even more enjoyable. Phat Panda's OG Chem is one of these strains, and we believe it might be great for brightening up your exciting days.

Phat Panda has acquired an enormous cult-like following, and this did not happen by coincidence. Their unique genetics and high-quality flower continue to wow us, explaining why they are one of the state's most popular brands. At Mr. Bills of Buckley, you can pick up a 1g OG Chem pre-roll from Phat Panda for the affordable price of just $6 before tax. Be sure to check out Mr. Bills of Buckley, located at 29393 State Route 410 E, or our online menu, which is updated daily.


This strain is a cross between the well-loved strains, OG Kush and Chemdawg. This Sativa-dominant strain is around 70% Sativa and 30% Indica. OG Chem might be an excellent choice for someone who wants to potentially maintain a calm attitude while remaining productive throughout the day. The OG Chem flower is incredibly beautiful, with pale-colored, spread-out nugs that are peppered with fiery orange pistols. When you first open it, you'll get a big whiff of the piney gas that is typically associated with OG strains, as well as some subtle floral notes.


OG Chem might provide an energizing and long-lasting high with an average THC of 20%. Because of its potentially strong effects and traditional gassy flavor, this legendary hybrid has become a well-loved strain among many. After smoking, you might experience a burst of euphoria that could enhance creativity and provide a pleasant body buzz. This strain might also be beneficial for those of us who suffer from chronic pain, such as arthritis, migraines, or fibromyalgia because it may carry anti-inflammatory properties.

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