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Phat Panda's Papaya Cake

The deliciously potent Papaya Cake by Phat Panda is a potent hybrid, found to contain around 23% THC. It is made from the combination of the Wedding Cake and Papaya strains. Phat Panda's products can be found in California, Massachusetts, Oregon, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, Florida, Arizona, and Nevada with more locations coming. However, if you’re in Washington, you won’t have to look too far because Mr. Bills of Buckley carries Papaya Cake and several other strains from the brand.

Continue reading to learn more about the Papaya Cake strain’s genetics, potential effects, and more.

Papaya Cake by Phat Panda

You may notice that the colorful Papaya Cake strain has a tropical flavor profile. The nug's surface is green, purple, and orange; completely blanketed in frosty-looking tricomes. Many describe the scent as an aromatic blend of mango and apricot.

Photo via Oklahoma Gazette

Papaya Cake Genetics & Effects

Papaya Cake's genetics are largely due to its sweet parent strains, Papaya and Wedding Cake. The Papaya strain is an indica-dominant hybrid and a descendant of the Ice strain. Similarly, the Wedding Cake strain is also an indica-dominant hybrid, however, it is made from the Animal Mints and Triangle Mints strains. Overall, Papaya Cake's terpenes are mostly limonene, linalool, and caryophyllene because of the unique mix of strains.

Furthermore, many users report that after smoking the strain they felt relaxed, sleepy, and hungry. Additionally, many consumers also said that Papaya Cake also helped relieve symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, and stress. As a result, it is recommended to consume later in the day.

Papaya Cake Consumer Reviews

Interested in trying Phat Panda’s Papaya Cake strain? This is what consumers had to say,

Really amazing indica... For me this works best in the late afternoon/evening time. Perfect to wind down from a long day. Pain is at a minimum, and I'm definitely sleepy. Increased my appetite for sure. Leafly Consumer


Phat Panda aims to provide the highest quality and affordable products for its customers by blending the most advanced growing techniques with state-of-the-art technology. As a result, they create a premium taste, quality, and potency for their customers. Although the company started in 2014, it has now grown to over 700 employees with the guidance of founders, Robert and Katrina McKinley.

Photo via Phat Panda

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