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Runtz: A Potent Hybrid That Delivers An Explosive Fruity Experience

The Runtz strain has become a fan favorite over the last couple of years and was awarded Strain of the Year by Leafly in 2020. A cross between Zkittlez and Gelato #33, this evenly balanced hybrid is best known for its distinctive tropical fruity flavor. Reminiscent of the well-loved 90s candy, Runtz gives you a sugary, yet potentially hard-hitting experience that you rarely find in other strains. Lifted Cannabis cultivates a high-quality specimen of this strain. Produced with tedious and precise care, Lifted Cannabis always delivers products that are organic, hand-watered, and pesticide-free.

Originally created by Berner’s Cookies, Runtz’s rise to popularity is no surprise. The buds produced by the Runtz strain are especially captivating, resembling the sour treats in more ways than one. The vibrant colors found within the dense buds reveal flecks of purple, lime green, blue, and orange hidden under a coat of sticky trichomes. When the bud is broken, the colors become even more bright, and the decedent aroma fills your senses with berry fumes. The dominant terpenes in Runtz are Limonene and Myrcene, which are responsible for the strain's sweet citrus fragrance, with a hint of floral spice.

Not only does this strain have a delicious taste, but the proportional high it may create makes it a great option for a variety of purposes. Many claim that Runtz is a satisfyingly smooth smoke that may calm them down long before the effects kick in. After your first hit, you might feel a wave of euphoria wash through you, melting away all your tension. The Runtz strain has a wide variety of phenotypes, which can have a big influence on the strain’s characteristics and effects. So, depending on the cultivator, the strain may lean more Sativa or Indica. The overall high might be uplifting, calming, and long-lasting, making Runtz ideal for those with chronic pain, migraines, insomnia, anorexia, and anxiety. However, this strain is certainly strong, with an average THC content ranging from 20-29%, so make sure you consume safely.

Lifted Cannabis

Lifted Cannabis is an indoor Tier 3 processor, located in Tacoma, Washington. Lifted Cannabis products are grown in an air-regulated room with continuous oxygen filtration and controlled by organic pesticides. To ensure that their products feature an immaculate variety of top-notch strains, Lifted Cannabis prides itself in producing some of the most potent and unique strains available in the state. Be sure to check out Runtz and other products from Lifted Cannabis at Mr. Bills of Buckley, located at 29393 State Route 410 E, Suite D, Buckley Washington.

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