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Should I Grind Weed Before I Smoke?

Smokers of all experience levels have asked themselves this question: Should I grind my weed before I smoke it? The truth is you don’t HAVE to… but maybe you should! Like most things in cannabis, how you choose to break down (or grind) your weed ultimately comes down to personal preference. However, anti-grinders may be missing out on some key benefits that have the potential to increase the effectiveness and overall flavor of their favorite strains.

While we have all had to break our bud by hand in a pinch, choosing not to grind your weed has the potential to clog your pipe, create an uneven burn, and leave a sticky residue on your hands - which takes away from the overall quality of your sesh. Grinding your weed, not only enhances the overall experience, it also has some health benefits attached to it as well.


To grind or not to grind, that is the question. While it won’t hurt you to smoke your nugs by the chunk, it definitely won't be as enjoyable of a smoking experience as it could be. Firstly, grinding up your flower allows air to flow easily through your bong, bowl, or joint, resulting in a cleaner burn and more even pull throughout. It also increases the amount of cannabis particles (or surface area) burnt, meaning more trichomes and cannabis magic get vaporized. Ultimately leaving you with a more potent and flavorful sesh to enjoy.

In addition to offering a cleaner and more robust smoking experience for consumers, here are some popular reasons you should grind weed before you smoke it.

1. It’s an easy and portable way to store your ready-to-use product.

Grinders are pretty standard and easy to use. Simply place your buds inside, replace the lid, and twist the top to grind. Ground cannabis flower will fall from the top chamber of the grinder to the second (or bottom depending on grinder style) chamber and is ready to be consumed. Traditional grinders tend to also be equipped with a small chamber that is specifically designed to catch kief, which are potent trichomes that fall off during the grinding process. You can sprinkle your collected kief over a bowl or into a joint for an extra potent experience. As an added benefit, you can use your grinder as a portable container for your ready-to-smoke product on the go.

2. Better Tasting & Slower Burning Joints

Ground weed maintains an even consistency that is fluffy and fine, like magic sand. Not only does this help you roll better joints and pack more even bowls, but it also ensures the flower burns. Allowing you to enjoy it for a longer time, getting the most bang for your buck. Using ground weed in your joins also helps maintain its natural flavors and terpene profiles. This influences an elevated smoke sesh backed by improved flavor and full-spectrum experiences.

3. Ground Weed Makes Better Edibles

Since quarantine, we have seen an increase of customers choosing to make edibles at home. However, in order to cook quality edibles from scratch, your flower needs to be ground-up, heated, and dispersed evenly. Similarly to smoking, grinding your weed will also allow for more flavor, terpenes, and cannabinoids, to be infused into your edibles. Lastly, if you are looking to impress your friends, grinding your weed helps with the overall presentation of your baked goods by ensuring your guests bite into chunks of chocolate goodness instead of flakes of funky flower.

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Nowadays, the vast majority of consumers ground their weed, and for good reason. If you are in the market for a grinder you can usually find one at your nearest smoke shop or on our dispensary shelves - while supplies last. Search our online menu to pre-order your favorite cannabis products and accessories, or stop into our shop for personalized recommendations from our knowledgeable team.

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