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Sinners & Saints Canna Shots by Evergreen Herbal Come In A Variety Of Delicious Flavors

Sometimes you need an edible that is affordable, discreet, and potentially packs a potent punch. The Sinners & Saints Canna Shot product line was specifically designed to fill this void. After listening to feedback, Evergreen Herbal wanted to create a potent, convenient, cost-effective, and great-tasting edible option for cannabis consumers in Washington.

These canna “shots” contain zero sugar and zero calories: making them a healthier option in the world of cannabis beverages. These popular edible shots are available in a variety of delicious flavors and offer consumers a range of potencies. Customers at this Mr. Bills of Buckley have been known to devour these plant-powered beverages.

Sinners & Saints Product Line

These uniquely portable 2oz shots are available in a variety of flavors and potencies that have the potential to flex to meet a wide array of needs. The majority of the Sinners & Saints shots are packed with 100mg of THC. Flavors include Pink Lemonade, Grapefruit, Orange, Fruit Punch, and Mango.

In addition to the original THC-heavy options, the Sinners & Saints product line also includes an array of “Energy Shots." These unique edibles are not for the faint of heart. These caffeinated shots are THC heavy (100mg/bottle), contain B12 vitamins, and are packed with 200 mg of caffeine! These pot shots were designed to potentially give you an extra boost. Flavors of the Sinners & Saints energy shots include Island Time Lemonade, Cinnaberry, and Pomegranate.

The Sinners & Saints product line is topped off with a CBD-heavy “Chill” shot. Containing 90mg of CBD, 10mg of THC, and a proprietary blend of relaxing herbal extracts, this product may be perfect for nighttime use. Some customers also reach for these products to potentially relax their bodies after a workout or long day.

The unique design behind these Sinners & Saints products makes them perfect for customers looking to micro-dose throughout the day, as well as for heavy consumers who like the feeling of a potent tincture-like high but do not want to consume an entire cannabis beverage.

Canna Shot Ingredients

Evergreen Herbal aims to create products that can be consumed in the spirit of wellness, freedom, and fun by providing customers with access to quality, delicious and reliable cannabis. Health-conscious consumers have been known to turn to these cannabis shots as an alternative to other sugary edibles on the market.

Ingredients include filtered water, malic acid, natural flavors, sucralose, citric acid, cannabis oil, blends of herbs and spices (dependent on flavor,) potassium sorbate, and sodium benzoate. The nutritional facts of these shots vary based on the beneficial blends of herbs and spices, however in general these products contain zero calories, and zero sugar: making them a popular low-carb option.

Overall Experience

When consumed in higher doses these Sinners & Saints shots may be perfect for serious stoners who are looking for a potentially potent edible high. The design of these shots allows them to be resealed, also making them a great choice for taking lower doses on the go. These shots are easy to get down and do not contain a strong weed aftertaste - making them easy to shoot or slowly sip. The effects of these shots have the potential to be long-lasting and may offer a creeping high that brings out your playful side.

These Sinners & Saints shots are a fun option to share with friends by offering a simple, naturally sweet, affordable, and discreet experience.

Stop in-store to check out these Sinners & Saints shots for yourself, or place a pick-up order ahead of time through our online menu here.

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