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The Ultimate Guide to Snowboarding Stoned

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

If you find yourself in a state with legal cannabis while on a trip to the slopes to snowboard or ski, you may be tempted to combine the two. While smoking at ski resorts or national forests is not allowed, and snowboarding or skiing while impaired is not encouraged, if you do find yourself shredding high, there are some things to keep in mind and learn.

People have combined cannabis and shredding since before the first lift was ever built. It is important to know some etiquette and safety should you wish to do the same. Continue reading to learn more about snowboarding while stoned.

Be Mindful of Where You Are and Who is Around You

The way ski resorts work is that they will often lease the land from the federal government because it is normally on National Forest property. This means that cannabis use is not permitted under federal law. Additionally, the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission states that marijuana is illegal in state parks. Moreover, smoking is not permitted on ski lifts or gondolas either. Should you be smoking cannabis out in the open, ski patrols reserve the right to pull your pass.

The Colorado Ski Safety Act states that it’s illegal to ride impaired, which is also the case in many of states. There are cases where people have crashed into each other and have been charged with DUIs for causing the accident. Ski injury law is a very real thing and impairment can work against you in a bad situation. If you find yourself impaired on the slopes, please try to move to a low population area.

Many areas are full of children led by ski instructors or families on vacation. There are other areas where ski teams are trying to practice, and regardless of age, many professional athletes simply don’t condone any drug use around their course.

Photo by visit almaty on Unsplash

Find the Right Area and People

If there is anywhere on any mountain where cannabis consumption is more socially acceptable, it’s in the low populated areas with rough terrain, such as black diamonds or in the forest. Normally, the experienced riders aren’t there on family vacations and are more likely to be partaking themselves. Cannabis use is deeply embedded in mountain culture and it’s more common in rough terrain that people will turn a blind eye, or nose, to the smell.

For years, dedicated riders have been building wooden shacks in the forest. These are normally areas where people meet up and have “safety meetings.” These are typically the safest areas for consumption because they are built with camouflage in mind.

The shacks aren’t located on any maps. Should you wish to find one, you will have to seek out somebody that can lead you or ride through the forest in hopes of stumbling across one. These shacks act as a hub for people to take a breather and meet new like-minded friends, so even if you don’t plan to consume anything, they are still worth seeking out.

If you do plan on cannabis consumption, keep it off of the trails. Don’t be obvious; be courteous. Try to check out a place deeper inside the forest where you can relax, enjoy nature, and really get immersed into the magic of the mountain.

Conversely, you could consume THC edibles before heading to the slopes to avoid any trouble with on-site consumption. Consider stopping by Mr. Bills of Buckley before heading up the mountain for any of your pre or post shred sesh cannabis needs.

Learn Before You Leap

Experienced riders don’t so much mind being under the influence of cannabis because they are confident that they can ride no matter what. The skills and balance on skis and snowboards are acquired over time by using them and getting familiar both the terrain and the conditions. Before you start considering adding cannabis to your snow day fun, make sure you’re comfortable on your equipment and the slopes.

There’s No Shame in a Breather

If the cannabis you may have consumed, with risks in mind, ends up being too powerful and makes you sleepy or just uneasy, this can be an issue for even the most experienced riders. This is most commonly an issue with edibles. Like anything athletic, riding takes energy and focus, and if you simply don’t have that then there’s no shame to get off of the mountain or take a breather in a nearby lodge.

Snowboarding Stoned

A lot of experienced riders will argue that smoking weed on the slopes is more beneficial than harmful. Within the residential culture, many will argue that the psychoactive effects make for a more immersive and mindful experience, constantly paying attention to things like the flowing weight of your skis, as well as sharp attention to objects. In terms of medicinal value, athletes often rave about the benefits of cannabis preventing issues such as muscle inflammation and pain.

Photo by visit almaty on Unsplash

The New Yorker once interviewed Tanner Hall about cannabis in snowsports. He gave a very insightful take on it: “I used it when I competed at the X-Games. It helps with the stress, with the anxiety. And then, afterwards, as a relaxing agent and pain reliever. When your body is all tensed up, if you’ve got a pinched nerve or something, [cannabis] helps with that.”

Tanner Hall also added a little bit about ski culture saying, “I think you’d be surprised how many do it, at a high level. In snow sports, it’s kind of a given that you’ll see a lot of smokers out there; it’s been ingrained in the mountain culture for quite a while. People don’t look down on it as much.”

Enjoy Yourself

Skiing and snowboarding is an experience unlike any other. If you’re comfortable on your equipment then go enjoy yourself. Have fun, go explore the deeper parts of the mountain, and take your time. The ski lift rides aren’t going to be any worse than they were before and you will immerse yourself in the otherworldliness of it all.

If you’re in need of any cannabis products before or after the slopes, stop by Mr. Bills of Buckley for whatever your needs may be. We offer a wide variety of premium weed products at affordable prices for whatever your preference may be.

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