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Sour Apple Sativa Gummies by Wyld: Terpene Enhanced Edibles for Every Adventure

Wyld’s Sour Apple Sativa Enhanced gummies offer consumers a unique blend of real fruit and botanical terpenes. This innovative formula allows the brand to develop a product line that offers targeted experiences that edible consumers have come to rely on. This explains why the Wyld brand, originally founded in Oregon, has been able to expand at an impressive rate. They currently have operations in more than eight markets, including Washington and Canada, and have a plan to continue expansion in the years to come.

While every flavor is delicious, Wyld’s Sour Apple Sativa Gummies hit the taste buds with a nostalgic profile that may make you pucker! Infused with an energizing and euphoric terpene profile, these edibles offer cerebrally focused effects with a perfectly tart twist. Reviewers say these edibles may be ideal to kick-start your day, for creative endeavors, or game nights with friends. Looking for something to spice up the holidays? Give the gift of giggles these delicious 100mg (10mg/serving) edible packs from Wyld.

Sour Apple Sativa Enhanced Edibles

The Sour Apple Sativa Gummies from Wyld are known to offer a quick onset of anxiety-free euphoria that may be perfect (in the right dosage) for any consumer. We recommend starting with half a gummy, 5mg of THC, and dosing up from there based on your desired effects. When you hit your sweet spot, expect a full-spectrum experience that has the potential to boost your mood and get your creative juices flowing. Wyld’s Sativa Sour Apple Gummies may be perfect as a replacement for a morning wake-and-bake, as it has the potential to keep you focused and upbeat for hours. If you like edibles that offer a boost of refreshment, that are not too sweet - or too tart, Wyld Sour Apple Gummies are for you.

In addition to offering the targeted sativa-like effects you’d hope for, this consumer-friendly brand also made the packaging of these gummies intentionally easy to use. Each container has a pop-top that many customers prefer to the bags and boxes that most companies currently use. WYLD’s customer-focused attention to detail, including the fact that the edibles taste amazing, has solidified these gummies as one of the best selling brands in the US.

While everybody is different, many customers have reported feeling the initial wave of effects within 15-45 minutes of consumption. In some cases, it may take up to two hours to feel the full effects of one singular dose (one gummy) depending on your body’s unique chemical makeup. It is important to note that cannabis - especially edibles - can affect everyone differently. If you are experimenting with this brand for the first time, or with edibles in general, we recommend starting your dosage low and adding more, after 2 hours, to find your dosage. If you’re interested in learning about the brand recommended dosage and/or nutrition information, you can find more information here.

Find WYLD Gummies At Mr. Bills

Since launching in Washington, Wyld gummies have taken off with edibles consumers. We make an effort to keep dispensary shelves stocked with fan favorites, like the Sour Apple Sativa, and are always on the lookout for additions to their lineup. Whether you’re looking for an edible to keep you focused for a busy day, or something to help you unwind at the end of the night, WYLD has a formulation to fit.

Find the Sour Apple Sativa Enhanced Gummies, as well as the full line of WYLD edibles at your favorite Buckley dispensary. We love giving back to our customers. Stop in for personalized recommendations and to check out our deals, or skip the line and pre-order online to pick up a box today!

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