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Sunset Sherbet Strain Is Known For Creating A Relaxing Sense Of Euphoric Bliss

A modern classic, the Sunset Sherbet strain is a well-rounded cultivar most known for producing a relaxing sense of euphoric bliss. Light enough to still have some sense of self but given the opportunity will gently lay you down for sleep.

Sunset Sherbet Genetics

Sometimes referred to simply as Sherbet, it's a cross between the iconic Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) and the lesser-known Pink Panties strain. Nowadays GSC is a staple on dispensary shelves with many newer strains deriving from this happy parent. The other proud parent is Pink Panties which is a Kush on Kush cross, taking a Burmese Kush and blending it with a Florida Kush. Being a Kushy variety it most often presents itself as being relaxing and sedative, however Pink Panties might also have an arousing feeling- hence the name.

These two happy parents gave birth to the delightful Sunset Sherbet who has since taken the market by storm.

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Looks, Smells, and Flavors

The nugs themselves are typically big, chunky, Christmas tree looking buds with a light, almost mint green coloring. When you scoop up a couple nugs, a sweet fruity and almost floral smell wanders its way into your nostrils. A hint of gas can be smelled in the background, but the earthier flavors don't come out until the exhale. More often than not these buds come out looking like a flocked Christmas tree with trichomes covering a majority of the plant.

Depending on where you're at in your day, Sunset Sherbet might bring up different effects, accordingly. When you're more awake and alert, most often, consumers have felt a burst of creative energy. However, after a long day at work when you finally get the chance to spark up the Sunset Sherbet strain might gently relax your body while lifting your mood, making a warm cozy bed pretty much irresistible.

Find Sunset Sherbet at Mr. Bill's

Mr. Bill’s makes sure to always keep an abundance of Sunset Sherbet products on the dispensary menu. Love Cannabis offers up 3.5g’s for a cool $20. Meanwhile, Crystal Clear has a full gram Sunset Sherbet distillate cartridge that runs $40. No matter how you enjoy it, this strain is sure to be a beautiful way to end the day. Stop in today for personalized recommendations and to check out our deals or skip the line and pre-order online!

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