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SuperNova Cannabis Hits Mr. Bills of Buckley Shelves in Exclusive Drop

The exclusive cannabis brand, SuperNova, is now providing the PNW area with fire bud at select locations. If you want to blast off with SuperNova Cannabis, walk into Mr. Bills of Buckley today!

Continue reading to learn about the new SuperNova strains.

Looking to try some new fire strains to transport you to a new planet? You can find SuperNova Cannabis' extensive line of sativa, indica, and hybrid cannabis products on the Mr.Bills of Buckley shelves.


In the hybrid strain category, you can select from SuperNova's Pineapple Tart #24, Blackout Bobby, Cherry Runtz, Gush Mintz, and Layer Cake strains, to name a few. Specifically, Pineapple Tart #24 is made from a delicious blend of Ice Cream Cake and Pineapple Sorbet strains. It contains around 19% THC. Another tasty mix is the fusion of Cherry Pie and Runtz, to create the sweet Cherry Runtz strain, containing found around 27% THC. Lastly, the recipe for Layer Cake is the cross of Wedding Cake and a GMO x TK Skunk mix.


There are several indica flower strains worth trying on the menu, such as Strawberry N Cream, Purple Punch, and the beloved Gary Payton strains. The Strawberry N Cream strain contains around 19.6% THC and is made from the Strawberry and Cookies N Cream strains. Purple Punch is a cross of Larry OG and Grand Daddy Purps. Lastly, Gary Payton is a mix of the Y and Snowman strains.


Currently, Mr. Bills has two select sativas on the shelf: Hazy Runtz (Oregon Silver Haze x Runtz) and Golden Ticket (Golden Coast x Face Off OG). Hazy Runtz has beautiful light green nugs with a dash of purple and orange. Additionally, you can find it containing around 24% THC.

Keep your eye out for discounts at Mr. Bills of Buckley. You can find 28 grams of Hazy Runts Flower for around $130-200, depending on the day.

If you'd like to try the SuperNova strains, you can find them on the Mr. Bills of Buckley menu or come in-store for a budtender recommendation.

Watch the Exclusive Visual for the Drop Here

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