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The Grape Ape Strain by Artizen Cannabis: An Indica-Dominant With Sweet & Fruity Flavors

The indica-dominant Grape Ape strain, made from the crossing of Mendocino Purps, Skunk, and Afghani strains, may calm your busy brain. Crafted by Artizen Cannabis and named for its pungent grape and skunk-like smell, Grape Ape may also knock out stress, pain, and anxiety, like a barrel thrown by Donkey Kong.

Grape Ape Strain by Artizen

Photo by Grow Diaries

The Grape Ape strain produces a plant that will fully mature in 7 to 8 weeks. It grows dense nugs covered in Prince purple sprouts and burnt orange hairs; all over a leafy green base. Additionally, the Grape Ape strain can be found containing around 18% or more THC.

One of its parent strains, Mendocino Purps, is a hybrid strain that may add its grape flavor and possible stress and pain-relieving properties. Similarly, the other Skunk 1 parent strain is also a hybrid, potentially adding its skunky flavor and potentially anxiety-relieving properties. Lastly, the Afghani strain, which also parents the Skunk 1 strain, is a potent indica strain that really tips the Grape Ape into a more indica-dominant strain category. All of these strains come together to create a sweet-tasting and potentially sleepy strain that has been loved and tried by many seasoned smokers.

Aside from Grape Ape, Artizen cultivates iconic strains such as Slurricane, Blue Dream, Wedding Cake, Cheetah Piss, and Galactic Glue, among other fire strains. The Lacey, Washington company is dedicated to producing quality, flavor, and the perfect cure; helping customers find their zen within.

Grape Ape Strain Effects

The strain can possibly give you a strong high and might lull you into amazing sleep. Smoking this strain may put you in a couch-lock state, so it’s best consumed during a day off or after a busy day. Consumers of this cannabis say that it might produce deeply calming effects along with making you feel happy and relaxed.

“My absolute favorite indica. super relaxing body and mental high. I would say it feels like being comfortably sedated but still very clear. It's also a great mood lifter that puts you in a nice bouncy kinda walking on sunshine feeling. overall a top shelf A++ strain you can't pass up if you're an indica connoisseur.”
Leafly Reviewer

Looking to buy cannabis in Washington? You can find Grape Ape amongst other strains on our website or in Mr.Bills of Buckley's store.

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