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Things To Do In And Around Buckley This Summer 2021

Summer is here and the world is finally opening back up just in time to enjoy the season’s change. Though Buckley is a small town in Pierce County, there are still plenty of things to do locally aside from buying high-quality cannabis products from us. If you’re looking for outdoor activities and scenic/remote getaways, Buckley has that in spades. We’re also starting to see more local amenities and attractions as well as events in recent years. We can think of plenty of things to do in Buckley this summer.

Go Hiking! Ride A Bike!

There are literally endless options for hiking around Buckley. The weather is only getting warmer in the PNW and you could be taking advantage of it after stopping by our store for supplies. In Buckley, some noteworthy areas to hike and/or cycle include the Buckley Foothills Trailhead, Mud Mountain Dam Park, and Pinnacle Peak Park.

Visit The Foothills Historical Museum

It sounds corny, but getting a little high and going to the museum can actually be a lot of fun. Bring a friend and do a funny photoshoot. The Foothills Historical Museum in Buckley features the following exhibits: firefighting handcart, logging and coal mining, farming and hop growing, and logging camp in park. Plan your next visit and learn about the area’s rich history with logging, coal mining, and farming after eating a few edibles.

Buckley Summer Concert Series

The Buckley Summer Concert Series is officially back in action! Throughout July and the first week of August, locals can enjoy free live music at the Buckley Youth Activity Center on the south lawn. Stop by Wally’s Drive-In for a burger and fries before heading to the Youth Center for some free music while chowing down on the grass.

White River Amphitheater

Located just slightly northwest of Buckley in Auburn, White River Amphitheater is one of the premier venues for large touring acts in the state. This can include music and more, and they’re finally up and running again! Check out their event calendar to see all of the biggest and best acts this summer.

No matter what you’re doing in Buckley this summer, be sure to stop by Mr. Bills of Buckley for all of your cannabis needs. We are happy to supply the local public with our knowledge on high-quality cannabis as well as our love for the outdoors and live music. Come in and ask one of our budtenders what they like to do around Buckley in the summertime.

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