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Three Potent Vape Cartridges to Try at Mr. Bills of Buckley

There are many perks to using vape cartridges, also known as vape carts, to consume cannabis. This includes ease of use, safety, potency, and discretion. Mr. Bills of Buckley has a wide range of potent vape carts that taste great and produce strain-specific flavors and effects.

To use a vape cart, you will need a vape pen battery. With a press of a button, the battery starts to heat the oil, expelling the potent vapor out of the mouthpiece.

What makes vape carts a safer cannabis consumption method is the temperature used to heat the oil. To create the vapor, the battery heats up the concentrated cannabis oil to a temperature lower than the point of combustion. As a result, you receive the benefits of smoking cannabis without the same toxins found in smoke.

Vape Cartridges to Try at Mr. Bills of Buckley

There are many vape cartridges that customers love from our cannabis store. We've highlighted three of our customer-favorite vape carts in different price ranges. Each varies in potency, taste, and scent, but quality rings true amongst all carts sold at Mr. Bills of Buckley.

Black Cherry Cookies Cart

If you like affordable cartridges that can give you a great high, we carry several carts in the $20-30 range. One of which is the Black Cherry Cookies Cart by Man's Best Friend which is available for $24.

The Black Cherry Cookies cart may have you feeling calm, happy, relaxed, and energetic. It sits around 89.3% THC with 1.2% of CBD. The Black Cherry Cookies strain gets its name from the sweet black cherry/nutty cookie flavor that overtakes your senses when inhaled. The origin of the indica-dominant hybrid strain is the crossbreeding of Girl Scout Cookies and Black Cherry cannabis.

Pink Lemon Haze Cart by MFUSED

In the $35-40 range you can get the Pink Lemon Haze cartridge for just $35. The Pink Lemon Haze cart has a superior fruity taste and a potentially immediate peak high with around 87% THC. The 1g cart is infused with natural botanical terpenes and cannabis terpenes, and never artificial additives.

Pink Lemon Haze Carts are made by MFUSED and are clean green certified. MFUSED uses multi-filtration extraction (MFE) to isolate THC, delivering high levels of purity and potency. Additionally, the flavor and fragrance of the plant profile are preserved by using an exclusive MFUSED distillation process. After distillation, they re-infuse terpenes for a superior taste and immediate peak high.

MFUSED aims to improve and enhance everyday lives. They strive to craft the most innovative, highest quality, and naturally effective products that stay true to the therapeutic power and free spirit of cannabis.

High Life Live Resin Cart

If you are looking for a vape cart in a higher tier, above $50, look to Dabstract's High Life Live Resin Cart. The cart's quality glass and steel components vaporize the oil, producing a high potency and strain-specific flavors you'll love. The High Life Live Resin Cart is made from crossbreeding Dabstract's top-selling Trophy Wife strain and Seattle Sour Kush.

Retaining the flavor profile and strong scent of both parents, the cart's vapor is cheesy and skunky with hints of cherry. Consumers report feeling creative, energetic, euphoric, and relaxed after a few puffs.

Live Resin is a carefully crafted concentrate made from freshly frozen cannabis oil in a process that preserves terpenes and flavonoids.

Mr. Bills of Buckley

Since opening in 2014, Mr. Bills of Buckley has remained an amazing recreational cannabis dispensary that is second to none. Over time, our staff has gained widespread knowledge on cannabis and understands the culture of the industry, making every visit a pleasure. We carry high-quality cannabis flower in multiple strain varieties, pre-roll joints, potent vape oil cartridges, tasty edibles, and more.

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