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Triangle Kush Strain: A Citrusy Indica-Dominant Hybrid Crafted in Florida

Triangle Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid whose genetics are infamously ambiguous. While the lineage isn't fully known, the strain is generally thought to be a descendant of OG Kush, most specifically, Hindu Kush. The name Triangle Kush comes from the strain’s origin: Florida's Emerald Triangle strain mixed with Kush genetics.

The strain’s popularity can be contributed to its delicious flavor palette and potent effects. Triangle Kush is a favorite at Mr. Bills of Buckley; continue reading to find out why!

Triangle Kush Strain

The Triangle Kush strain contains dark green buds with amber hairs and white trichomes sprinkled throughout. After opening the jar, users can immediately detect the sour aroma of the strain. The hybrid gives off a slightly lemon-like scent with notes of floral and earth.

This is partly due to the strain’s dominant terpene: myrcene, which produces an earthy and floral smell. Strains with mycrene are known to lend potentially calming, relaxing, and potent effects. Users may also detect a hint of diesel and fuel. Additionally, myrcene has health benefits such as anti-inflammatory properties, potential pain relief, and sedative properties.

Image via Leafly; featured image via Weedmaps

Triangle Kush Experience

The flavor of the Triangle Kush strain compliments its powerful aroma. On the inhale, users can detect a strong flavor of earth and lemon. On the exhale, the strain leaves behind a woody and spicy taste.

The strain typically contains around 26% THC, making it a high potency strain. The strain has the potential to induce a sense of full-body relaxation with a stimulating cerebral high. This makes Triangle Kush a great choice for activities like hanging with friends, watching a movie, or going for a walk in nature.

The hybrid’s potential to create euphoric effects is one reason why some people use this strain as a way to treat health issues such as depression, mood swings, and chronic stress. The strain can also be an appetite stimulator. This may make it a great option for people who struggle to eat.

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