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Tropicana Kush: A Tropical Hybrid With OG Kush Power

Want a tropical smoke that may lift your spirits? The Tropicana Kush strain is a fruity hybrid made by crossing OG Kush and Tropicana Cookies. Both parent strains can be found with a lower potency but together produce a phenotype with around 20-21% THC. Together, these two strains might produce a high that is both energizing yet ultimately relaxing.

Continue reading to find out more about this fire strain's effects, genetics, and more.

The Tropicana Kush Strain

Photo via Grow Diaries

Opening a fresh container of this strain will result in a pungent complex smell that can fill a room. Additionally, the colors of the nugs are light green and purple with snowfall-like trichomes shimmering on top of the leafy exterior. Furthermore, when smoking the strain, the overall flavor bears orange, cinnamon, gas, lemon, and mint notes.

Genetics, Terpenes & Effects

Consumers say this strain might help with pain, anxiety, and arthritis because of its potentially relaxing properties. After consuming this strain you may also feel your mood lifted along with a sense of euphoria. This is because Tropicana Kush is made from a sativa-hybrid mix, with its parent strains being OG Kush and Tropicana Cookies. While OG Kush brings potential anxiety-relieving abilities, the orange and tropical taste influence and possible mood-boosting ability come from the Tropicana Cookies parent.

The dominant terpene within the strain is Myrcene, much like its OG Kush parent, which adds an herbal taste to the bud. Additionally, you may sense influences from Limonene and Caryophyllene if you notice its citrus and pepper notes which are also found in the parent strains as well.

Tropicana Kush Strain User Reviews

Good stuff! Hits hard and lasts long, smooth hit with a great flavor. Smells very nice. Big frosty buds with hairs for days. Great for a sunny day out or a relaxing night in.
Leafly Reviewer

If you'd like to try this strain, you may be able to find it on our pre-order menu or you can come in and visit us at our store in Seattle, Washington.


  • Total THC: 20-21%

  • Dominant terpene: Myrcene

Tropicana Kush Strain Overview

  • Hybrid

  • Genetics: OG Kush X Tropicana Cookies

  • Aroma: Tropical/Peppery/Citrus

  • Flavor: Orange/Cinnamon/Gas/Lemon/Mint

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