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Washington Apple is a Rare Pure Indica Strain and PNW Favorite

Washington Apple is a rare, pure indica cannabis strain that originates in Washington State. Mostly found in the PNW, the strain was bred by local brand Lopez Island. This highly potent strain is known for its sedative effects and relaxing properties, making it an ideal strain for those looking to relieve stress, anxiety, and pain.

Washington Apple Genetics

The Washington Apple strain was crafted by combining two uncommon strains, Pez and Ortega. This unique combination of genetics has resulted in a strain with a unique flavor and aroma profile, as well as a potentially potent and long-lasting high. With both parents derived from the landrace strain Afghanistan, Washington Apple is one of the few pure indica strains out there. In fact, there are two landrace strains in Washington Apple’s family tree. Its Pez parent is derived from Pakistan, which itself is a cross between two landrace indicas. Similarly, the Ortega side also contains classic indica strains, Northern Lights #1 and Northern Lights #5.

Washington Apple Experience

As an indica strain containing around 25% THC, Washington Apple is known to have sedative, relaxing, and pain-relieving properties. Therefore, it may be great for the end of a long day, to help put you to sleep, and to relax during stressful situations. Medical users find it may be beneficial for insomnia, depression, stress, anxiety, and chronic pain.

Though it’s a calming strain, it is still reported to be uplifting and euphoric. One Leafly reviewer stated, “Honestly, the best strain I’ve had. Puts me into a state of relaxation. Perfect for end-of-the-day relaxation.” Another user stated, “I love it for unwinding and going to sleep happy!”

Flavors, Aroma, and Appearance

The Washington Apple strain has a distinct aroma that is described as a mixture of sweet apples, spices, and a hint of earthy musk. The flavor is similarly sweet and fruity, with a slightly sour aftertaste that resembles the taste of a tart green apple.

The strain has a dense and compact bud structure with olive green buds and bright green hues beneath a heavy coating of crystal trichomes.

Washington Apple Strain in Washington State

As a rare strain, it’s not always easy to find Washington Apple. If you’re located in or around Buckley, you can find Washington Apple products nearby at Mr. Bills of Buckley. Head to our Buckley dispensary to see our selection or check our online menu ahead of time. Some of our Washington Apple products include disposables, cartridges, and syringes by Crystal Clear.

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