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Wax Wednesday: Three Premium Cannabis Concentrates At Mr. Bills of Buckley

When selecting a dispensary, it's important to look for one that rewards your business with regular discounts. Mr. Bills of Buckley offers recurring specials four days a week, giving you something to look forward to when the weekend comes to an end. On Wax Wednesday, you can take your pick from our premium product selection and save 10% off all concentrates sold in-store.

You're sure to find something you like among the offerings from top-tier companies like Dabstract, Harmony Farms, and Crystal Clear. If you want to see some of Mr. Bills of Buckley's top concentrate picks, continue reading. These concentrates are favorites among both our customers and our seasoned staff.

Dabstract - OG Chem Live Resin

With almost three decades of expertise, Dabstract is the real deal and does not disappoint. Born in Washington and now based in California, Dabstract is dedicated to making powerful extractions while retaining as many terpenes as possible.

This Sativa-dominant hybrid is no exception. Dabstract's OG Chem Live Resin has a strong flavor profile that is difficult to achieve with non-live concentrates. When smoking, the meticulous attention that was utilized in the production process is apparent, and the sour blue cheese flavor can easily captivate you. This strain could be ideal for going on outdoor excursions or simply taking a peaceful stroll while listening to some music.

Harmony Farms - Jungle Cake Wax

It's important to ensure that the cannabis you consume comes from a reputable source, and Harmony Farms is very proud of its clean cannabis methods. Each Harmony Farms product is guaranteed to be free of pesticides, heavy metals, and other harmful chemicals that could affect the consumer's health.

Jungle cake might have a very distinct high, and Harmony Farms does a great job of capturing the essence of the strain through their high-quality wax. This strain's effects might combine a soothing body buzz with a powerful mental high that may cause you to drift in and out of a conversation. This strain could be perfect for a peaceful day off with little on your to-do list.

Crystal Clear - Maui Wowie Distillate Dripper

If you prefer high THC distillate, Crystal Clear is a brand you should certainly look into. Crystal Clear, a part of Northwest Cannabis Solutions, focuses on numerous techniques to maximize the potency of your high. With such a wide variety of candy-like flavors, it's nearly difficult to find a strain that you don't like.

The Maui Wowie distillate comes in a convenient mess-free syringe dripper with easy-to-use measurements down the side. This distillate is already activated, so it can be used in a number of ways. You can dab it, put it in a bowl, or eat it. The possibilities with this product are endless, and there is so much you can explore. Check it out and potentially enhance your cannabis experience today.

Featured image via @labs_of_dabstract on IG

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