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Wedding Cake Strain: Sweet Cookie Aromas & Potent Highs

The strain Wedding Cake is known to many in the cannabis community as one of the more potent flower strains. This Indica leaning hybrid is a cross between Animal Mints and Triangle Kush and tests around 25-27% THC. Although, the effects from this strain have been reported to be potentially much higher and offer sedative effects.

Wedding Cake Strain

The nugs produced from Wedding Cake are dense, teardrop-shaped, and covered with trichomes from top to bottom. This magnificent flower resembles the color of dark purple with pinkish-red hairs. Many refer to this strain as "pink cookies" after its colorful, sugar-like coated appearance. Even in Canada, this strain goes by the name Pink Cookies.

This strain first smells of earthy pepper to the nose, followed by a sweet but fruity aroma. Upon taste, you'll first experience a tart cherry pie flavor with sugar-sweet cookie notes that will hit your palette towards the end. These particular smells are due to Wedding Cake's dominant terpene, Limonene. The citrusy sweet aroma induced from Limonene might help alleviate anxiety and stress and is widely known among medical patients for its medicinal benefits.

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Wedding Cake Experience

This flower likely received its name from its sugar-like taste and appearance. But, don't be fooled unless you're a daily toker this strain wouldn't be recommended to smoke on at the after-party of any wedding unless you plan on going to bed soon after. We recommend using this strain towards the end of your day, starting with a small amount and steadily increasing your intake.

Many medical patients love the Wedding Cake strain for its high potency and its potential holistic benefits. This strain might offer a mild psychedelic high but serious calming effects that work to relax your mind and body. Wedding Cake is also reported to have high levels of the terpene Beta-Caryophyllene which can bind to your CB2 receptors potentially offering more sedative high and uplifting effects, which is why it's a good choice for medical patients.

Wedding Cake at Mr.Bills of Buckley

Wedding Cake is a favorite at Mr. Bills of Buckley. To try the strain for yourself, check out our online menu or visit us in-store at our Buckley dispensary.

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