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What is a Cannabis Pre-Roll?

Whether you’re an OG cannabis consumer or have never touched the plant in your life, the number of different types of cannabis products and all of the terms used to describe them can certainly be confusing. When you traditionally think of cannabis, you’re likely just thinking about the actual plant or buds of the plant. Smoking flower is the original way to consume cannabis; however, tons of different cannabis-derived products have emerged onto both legal and black markets over the past couple of decades. One of these products, and one of the most popular products at that, is cannabis pre-rolls.

What is a Pre-Roll?

Cannabis pre-rolls have become increasingly popular with the legalization of recreational and medical marijuana in multiple states across the country. So what exactly is a pre-roll? If you have little cannabis knowledge, think of a pre-roll like a cigarette but with cannabis instead of tobacco. A pre-roll is essentially a joint (or “marijuana cigarette” as they used to say) that has been rolled by the manufacturer prior to the consumer purchasing it; meaning it is ready to spark up without any other preparation.

The term "pre-roll" is also used to describe other types of pre-wrapped cannabis, such as blunts, cannarillos, and infused wraps.

What are Pre-Rolls Made of?

Pre-rolls are made using rolling papers or wraps, filters, and ground-up cannabis flower. Sometimes concentrates, such as kief, hash, and rosin, are added to the mix; in that case, it would be considered an infused pre-roll. Some pre-rolls are hand-rolled, while others are “rolled” by a machine.

Papers or Wraps

There are various types of papers and many brands that make them. These papers are made from non-wood fibers such as hemp, rice, wood pulp, flax, and more. Some popular brands include RAW, Element, OCB, and Zig-Zag. Likewise, there are various types of non-paper wraps used in pre-rolls as well. This includes hemp wraps, tobacco wraps, and more.


The filter is what is at the tip of the pre-roll, where your mouth rests to inhale the smoke. Filters are traditionally made out of thicker paper that is rolled up. However, brands have come up with other types of filters as well, including glass and ceramic tips.


Lastly and most importantly, pre-rolls are made up of cannabis flower. This flower is ground up so that it smokes evenly in the wrap. Some brands use shake, which is essentially the crumbs of the plant, while others use whole buds that are ground up. The latter is higher quality and more common.

Pre-Rolls at Mr. Bills of Buckley

We offer a large variety of cannabis pre-roll products at our Buckley dispensary. Some of the most popular pre-roll products at Mr. Bills of Buckley include Top Shelf’s Lemon OG 2g Distillate Infused Blunt, Juicy Joint Supers’ Blueberry Cotton Candy 1g Flavored Infused Pre Roll, and 2727 Marijuana’s Ice Cream Cake Pre-Roll 5-pack. Browse our online menu to see our full selection or come visit us in-store to purchase Washington pre-roll products.

Shop Washington Cannabis at Mr. Bills of Buckley

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