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Vape CartridgeS

In recent months there have been more and more questions as well as problems with the vapor cartridges available on the market. Mr. Bill's does everything in our power to insure the highest quality products and the lowest rate of failure. In the event of a non vaping cartridge, please keep the following in mind:

Often times non vaping carts are the result of either under or overpowered batteries. It is also good to keep thicker oils warm before use to allow the oil to stay in contact with the heating element. Oftentimes,  this is as easy as holding the cartridge in your hand for a few minutes. It is also important to make sure that the battery connection is making contact with the cartridge connection. This is the most common problem and can be easily solved. Refer to the link below for more information or come in and ask anyone on staff.

Due to tight reporting and traceability regulations, returns of marijuana products are limited to non vaping cartridges due to electrical failure. The Liquor and Cannabis board will only allow a return as follows:

1. A non vaping cart can be returned and exchanged for the same strain only from the same processor. If that strain is no longer available, the closest similar product will be substituted.

2. Only full cartridges can be replaced and only after an attempt to fix the connection is made.

3. Non vaping cartridges must be returned to the store in their original package, and must be accompanied by a receipt. (Our staff can locate the order and reprint an receipt for loyalty members only).

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